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Don't know how to control broodiness...


I'm new in here... not sure why I'm in here but wanted to post. :\?

I am very broody at the moment, so popped in here to have a look - although it's probably making me worse!!! I have never been a maternal or broody person but over the last few months it has suddenly crept up on me and I don't know what to do with myself?! image

I got married last June and expected to wait at least a couple of years before even thinking about it. I turn 30 in September also - my husband is 3 years younger than me and isn't really broody. :\(

We have a skiing holiday booked for next January so I know we can't TTC before then - but I really want to!!! image I would realistically like to start trying on holiday ;\) and hopefully get pg not too long after (that's if I can of course) my husband won't commit to this but I think he is coming round to the idea. Now of course I do not want to force anything on him and we both have to be ready - but I really hope is ready early next year or I think I might explode.

He doesn't seem to realise that getting pregnant can take a long time and then there are 9 months on top of that. image

Anyway not much point to this post I guess - just needed to get that out and stop annoying my husband! Thanks.:\)


  • Mrs-D-2bMrs-D-2b Posts: 187
    hi think pink - didnt just want to read and run so thought i would post!

    I too am very broody, im getting married in 7 weekd and 6 days - not that im counting! And I am very brrody and desperate to TTC. I cam off the pill in January to allow my body time to reyurn to normal and we have been using condoms since as h2b thinks it would be best if we are not pregnant on honeymoon in Bali - he said he would be too worried about what I ate and doing anything a bit daring! But we have been a little bit careless, but im desperate for us to throw away the condoms!

    My friend came over at the weekend and announced she is 9 weeks pregnant which has made me even more broody.

    But h2b and all my pregnant friends keep telling me my time will come and to enjoy the time I am experiencing now. I know deep down that I dont want to have morning sickness and a big belly on my wedding day, but it doesnt make me want it any less! Must be the same for you and the skiing trip.
  • lisall80lisall80 Posts: 628
    I'm in the same boat, getting married in 3 and a half months and desperately want to start ttc. Ive been broody as long as I can remember and it seems the closer it gets the harder it is to wait. We have planned our honeymoon to a theme park cos we both love rollercoasters and I know I would be sick if I couldnt go on the best ones once we get there. I'm so bad that I got really excited when I started taking folic acid and went and bought 10 pregnancy tests off ebay in preparation!!! I even worked out that if we have a honeymoon baby I will be due this time next year, has anyone else done that?!!!

    Best of luck everyone when you start ttc.

    Lisa xxx
  • Mrs-D-2bMrs-D-2b Posts: 187
    oh my god lisa - im exactly the same!!! I have got the pregnancy tests off ebay - I even took one when they arrived on saturday!! Ive been feeling really sick and i think im just imagining that i could be pregnant - but it was negative! Ive been taking folic acid since I came off the pill - no harm being prepared and making sure your body is the best it can be for baby.

    I too have been checking out when a baby would be due - were on honeymoon in June and plan to try properley straight away. Im 30 in January and always said i would like to be a mum before im 30, so best crack on with it!!!!
  • lisall80lisall80 Posts: 628
    haha mrs D2b i'm so glad i'm not the only one. Didnt get as far as taking a test as im still on the pill and didnt want to waste them !!!! I told h2b about a year ago that if I stop taking pill on this date and we go on honeymoon that date that we could have a baby by...etc. I'm sure you can imagine his face hehe. Although he didnt run away and now is also quite keen, thank god, would hate to have to trick him into it (kidding!!!)
  • Mrs-D-2bMrs-D-2b Posts: 187
    Can you imagine if our h2b's were here to read these threads!!!! Although my h2b is getting more and more into TTC it is different for him. He already has a son from a previous relationship and he lives with us. So im his step mum (he doesnt see his biological mother) but it doesnt stop me wanting to create another life with h2b and fully experience the pregnancy thing.

    Ive had a few scary moments thinking that I could have been pregnant and h2b has actually been the calm one and ive been panicing!!! Mainly because I thought I wouldnt be able to fit in my wedding dress!!! But its nice to know he wouldnt have got scared if i was. I keep thinking, ive only got 2 more periods untill we can start trying properly - im very excited!
  • ravioligraviolig Posts: 158
    hi, just wanted to say I am so so so so so broody. I have wanted kids for years since my big sis started. Got married in November and thought we could start straight away but hubby had other ideas. I came off the pill in January but ended up going back on it this month cos he was so negative about the idea of having kids yet (his best friend got married in August and they got pregnant straight away so even more gutting). Then for some unknown reason this week he suddenly decides we can start trying!! I am so excited. I came off the pill again but have had a period straight away (not sure if that's normal), I cannot wait to start trying properly. I had all the conversations about how long 9 months is, and that we might not conceive straight away, etc etc, but he was resolute in no no no. I cannot believe that he has said its ok at last, even though I think he is still holding back a little bit. I just want to get on with it!!!!
  • rarajdukrarajduk Posts: 1,784
    How to control broodiness? I usually babysit. Ok, so the cute clothes and that lovely baby smell don't help.....but after a few hours I end up so exhausted that I'm happy to hand the little sweeties back to their mums and regain my free time :\)


  • Mrs-D-2bMrs-D-2b Posts: 187
    my matron of honour gave birth to her second at 4am this morning!!! Thats not helped with the brrodyness, but I am desperate to go and see her! Im already planning a day off work so I can go and "play mummy" to her!!!
  • Melissa84ukMelissa84uk Posts: 265
    I'm glad I am not alone. I have been broody for so long. In fact it was my broodiness that resulted in booking the wedding next year, lol. I'm 24 and ideally want kids between 25 & 30. I told H2B this and he was cool with that and we decided we would want to marry before. The wedding is next June & I would like to start trying straight away, but as I am on the pill I am unsure of when to come off it etc etc, when chatting to H2B about this, he said "hold on I've only just got my head around the wedding" Lol. I'm just unsure about how long the pill will take to come out of my system. Have decided I will chat to my family planning nurse when I am due for more pills. I am scared to come off the pill too early though as I started taking them for severe period pain. Hmm we will see. Anyhoo I am staring to ramble - sorry.

    But yeah I really want a baby!
  • cazinskicazinski Posts: 499
    Oh I know, tell me about it! I think about this all the time. We are getting married this December, so ages away for me yet! I'll be 30 the week after we get married, and I'm absolutely desperate for a baby now. It's so weird because when I was younger, I just couldn't stand the thought of having any children.

    But now, I'm always looking at prams, those funky three-wheelers and deciding how I'd decorate a nursery. I know there's a lot more to it than just that, but I really can't wait...

    As far as I'm concerned, I want to start trying on the honeymoon, and I know he'd love to start trying soon, although he doesn't say for certain if we can start trying straight away after we're married. But-I've got 241 days to talk him round!! Hehehe...
  • Mrs-D-2bMrs-D-2b Posts: 187
    ive just worked it out - 52 days till I can start trying! My heart has just started racing. ive been broody forever, just never met the right man to father my children. im almost 30 and have found the perfect man now. we get married in 52 days and will start trying straight away.

    I came off the pill in January 08 as i have been on it for 10 years so i wanted to give my body a chance to get back to normal. First period took 37 days to come and 2nd took 28 days to come, but was very light - so light that i even took a pregnancy test to be sure it was a real period! But it was negaitve.

    But everyone is different so im not sure anyone can say how long you should be off the pill for , but you should have a period before you then start trying so you can track your due date.

    Good luck with all the planning leading up to TTC!!
  • Lulu-K-82Lulu-K-82 Posts: 868
    Just a warning!!

    I know everyone is different but just to let you know...

    I was going to come off the pill just before my wedding in October but the doctor told me to stop taking them last month (it was making me depressed!) and now using love socks til the wedding.

    I am so glad I came off it now, I look like I have acne!! I'm hoping it calms down before the wedding

    Good luck to you all!

  • thinkpinkukthinkpinkuk Posts: 721
    love socks

    image Love that!
  • Mrs-D-2bMrs-D-2b Posts: 187
    Hello ladies, how are you getting on with the broodiness?!

    Im doing very badly. I went to see my new god daughter this week in hospital - she was 5 days old and I got to fed her and cuddle her for ages! She was so cute and smelt soooo good! Just love that new baby smell!

    This has made me worse than ever! Im now even trying to convince myself that I could be pregnant! I keep feeling really sick and even through up at the weekend! Im sure its just a bug, but I cant help wishing it was more.
  • Love socks!!! A Classic - love it!

    I'm broody too! I thought it was just me but I'm pleased I have found this forum to talk to people feeling the same.

    Our wedding isn't until October but I have figured out if we start trying for a baby in August I still won't show by the time the wedding comes.

    It's all I can think about at the moment, I've started taking the b-vitamins, folic acid and stuff.

    I'm not looking forward to all of the crying tho! The first 6 weeks sound a nightmare!
  • Hi Girls

    Love socks - that's hilarious.

    I'm glad to see not the only one feeling broody. I always liked kids (am part of big family) but didn't see myself having one for a few years. Getting married in 51days. h2b and I recently started talking about starting ttc on honeymoon but hasn't committed to this as he thinks its something we both need to give plenty of thought.

    I keep looking online at baby stuff though! H2b has a niece who has just turned 2 and everytime we see her it makes us both want to but I know h2b is trying to think about the big pic and if it's the right time. I also have 2 nephews aged 5 and 1, Also I'm a nanny so it's hard to switch off from thinking about kids!

    If h2b and I do decide to start trying I wasn't going to come off pill until just before wedding...Is it recommended you come off earlier? Thanks

  • thinkpinkukthinkpinkuk Posts: 721
    Well I am still broody, not as bad as when I started this thread but it's still there. I have just resigned myself to the fact that it's not going to happen until late this this year/early next year.

    I haven't mentioned it to MrPink recently either as I think I was putting him off! Will just have to keep being a good aunty and having cuddles with all of my friends children - waah!

    ps. I have been looking at prams (don't tell anyone) image
  • lol thinkpink, I've been looking at carriers and change bags and bits...image
  • thinkpinkukthinkpinkuk Posts: 721
    OK ladies, let's share baby names - should keep us occupied. You know you have been planning them! ;\)

    This took over from my 'practising my new signature obsession' once married image

    I have loads!!! imageops:















    I also like Holly, Heather and Fern but really cannot have a 'plant/flower' name with our surname - it would be just too cruel image

    Girls middle name will definitely be Verity.











    [Modified by: thinkpink on April 17, 2008 03:11 PM]
  • thinkpink - I'm Holly and my mum is Heather.....

    I like:

    Girls - Grace, Sofia or Sophia, Poppy, Ava, Eva, Caitlin or Caitlyn, Darcy, Phoebe, Jemima, Ruby, Anya, Lila and Megan.

    Boys - James, Oscar, Harrison, Oliver, Noah, Alfie, Quinn, Archie and Bailey.

    My nephews are called Jacque (Jack) and Charlie and my cousins children are Mitc hell, Madison, Lacie Mae and Jorja. I like Spencer and George too (but thats my cats names, lol). I doubt h2b and I will agree to easily on a name though...

  • thinkpinkukthinkpinkuk Posts: 721
    Oh yeah I forgot Madison!

    I love Daisy but again a flower name - so I called my dog it instead. Funny you have those 2 names - good job you don't have my new surname! image
  • Lulu-K-82Lulu-K-82 Posts: 868
    Don't know if some of you know but i have been having some gynae problems over the past year so it's been quite upsetting for me with being quite broody, however, ......I got the all clear on Monday!!

    Doc said I am now fine to 'get on with it' if I want kids and the sooner the better so that hasn't helped my broodiness at all!!

    Names I like are Bonnie, Poppy, Matilda and Charlotte for girls and Archie, James, Aidan & Louis for boys.

    Bring on the babies!!


  • thinkpinkukthinkpinkuk Posts: 721
    That's great news Lulu82!!! image
  • Mrs-D-2bMrs-D-2b Posts: 187
    great news lulu!

    Its so funny that we are all doing the same thing - like our internet searches! My obsession has been with maternity clothes! Im quite tall and struggle to get clothes - especially trousers - to fit me now, so Im worried I would have realy problems when pregnant. So ive done my research and found lots of sites - ive even sent off for catalogues! Explaining that one to h2b was interesting! He understands im just trying to be prepared.

    Ive also been on folic acid since January and have ordered pregnancy tests off ebay - which were really cheap and really good!

    I think alot about babie names too - for a girl I want Masie - after my late nan. H2b is fine with that choice, but we both struggle to think of boy names.

    Loving some of your suggestions though and really getting me thinking!
  • How funny are we? All doing the same things, eh?

    Mrs D - where did you buy those tests from? I bought two from ASDA for about a fiver but I've heard the cheap ones are not so good?

    With regards to names I did have loads and I have now narrowed it down to Grace for a girl and John or William for a boy. It was quite easy really, the names are named after relatives on my H2B side and we don't really have that much of a choice!

    I have a feeling H2B is getting broody as I mentioned I'd like to start trying in August and he didn't say no - which I've translated to a BIG YES!

  • Mrs-D-2bMrs-D-2b Posts: 187
    This is where I got my test from -

    They are like the ones the doctors use, apparently! They are not flashy looking like some you can buy, but they do the job and are cheap, so you can use when ever you are tempted and not feel guiilty at the expense.

    I get married in 5 weeks and 6 days - they I can start properly trying. My AF is due in 3 days and im so hoping it doesnt arrive!
  • berly153berly153 Posts: 737
    hi i have ben broody for just over a year now!! had totally talked myself out of ever having more kids (have an 11 yr old) and then one day i woke up and 'wham' was as broody as a broody thing! h2b does not haev kids of his won and is as broody as me just now image

    getting married in september this year. im coming off the pill (been on it since i was 14, now 32). in june. which isnt long now but im sure that it will take forever to fall pregnant (if at all).

    have just bought ovulation tests and pregnancy test off ebay. eyeing up lots of baby goods and maternity wear along the way.

    the last time i was pregnant the only thing you could buy as maternity wear was bloody leggings!! who in their right mind thinks these look good on anyone. especially a heavily pregnant woman with no ankles! image

    thank god that seems to have changes though. good luck to everyone would love to hear all your updates x

    p.s james for a boy and madison for a girl image
  • NewMrsLNewMrsL Posts: 478
    Hi all this is the first time ive posted here but didnt want to read and run! was just curious is everyone else was like me!! ive been broody for years we arent getting married till feb 2010 but h2b is dying for kids already!! even though we are both really tempted we've decided to wait and try for honeymoon baby!! we'll be together 10 years the day we get married so a baby would be a great wedding present for him!! id love to be able to tell him im pregnant on our wedding day!
  • lisall80lisall80 Posts: 628
    hi broody brides, I was away for a week but I'm back now and as broody as ever!!!! 94 days til the wedding, 78 days til I come off the pill and 111 days til my first AF due after coming off pill. I think I need to see a professional about my obsession!!!!!!

  • Lulu-K-82Lulu-K-82 Posts: 868
    Talking of obsessive, have entered my dates into one of those ovulation calculators and have discovered that my most fertile days will be when I'm on honeymoon! Cue lots of daydreaming about honeymoon babies, telling the parents when we go round with photo's...I know it's probably a load of rubbish but it's put me in a good mood for the rest of the day!

    Don't think we are helping each other to control broodiness here are we lol!

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