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Name changes and numbers!

Dear all

In answer to the questions about chat room names having numbers added to them...

Basically your chat room name is totally arbitrary: you can have whatever you choose, and you can change it whenever you like. However, as many people choose to use their firstname, it's inevitable that we will have more than one Lucy, more than one Helen, etc.

This has caused quite a lot of confusion in the forums as people aren't sure who they're talking to! So in order to make it all a bit simpler, we've changed the system so that if you use your first name as your chat room name, it will now appear with a number to differentiate you from other users with the same name.

But, these names with numbers are not set in stone. You can go back to your profile and change your chat room name to anything you like (well, except your first name with no number, obviously!), many brides are using their name plus wedding date, or their new surname and a "2b". The choice is yours!

Hope this clears that up for everyone!

Best wishes

Web Editor
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