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Gift for H2B

I would appreciate any ideas for my H2B,s wedding gift from me . He doesn't wear jewellery apart from a watch and I bought him a new one last year , so I'm totally stuck what to get him image


  • thenextmrscthenextmrsc Posts: 409
    I found something this morning as I'm also looking desperately! It's a picture of the sunrise the day you get married - basically from what I understand, you order a gift voucher with a picture of the sun rising on the day you got engaged and inside it says "as you wake this morning photographers are capturing the sunrise on our special day for us to keep in our home forever" or something - you can go online to their website - "The Day That" and there is a calender to choose your dates and see the sunrises, I think it's really cool and unique so might do that or maybe a watch - I'm not sure, let me know if you find anything as I'm looking too!! xxx
  • smophlewsmophlew Posts: 295
    I thought that it was pretty cool too but we are getting married at Polhawn Fort which has a lovely beach and it is ten minutes drive from our hometown and I would want it to be of that particular beach but it is just a beach they choose in Cornwall so was disappointed :S
  • smophlewsmophlew Posts: 295
    I got my partner a boudoir shoot which comes with a ten page leather bound book of photos, I'm also thinking of make your own monopoly with all our favourite places, I've seen some nice cufflinks but not sure if he would want them, socks and pants, aftershave, a letter or card, a gorgeous groom journal from oh so cherished. There's lots of good stuff out there image
  • thenextmrscthenextmrsc Posts: 409
    Ooooh yeah I saw that groom journal, it looked fab! Where did you get your boudoir shoot from? Are they any good those? Think I would be too nervous!!! xxx
  • Lucas2704Lucas2704 Posts: 100
    Im wondering what to do too because not only is it our wedding day but also his birthday. Defo doing a Groom Survival Pack though... socks - so he doesnt get cold feet, miniature alcohol, immodium, image tissues ..ive forgot the rest...

    But that kind of thing image
  • Kchristie3Kchristie3 Posts: 248
    Thanks guys, I'll check out the sunrise idea . X
  • smophlewsmophlew Posts: 295
    i haven't done the shoot yet but the company is called "for your eyes only" im in no way body confident but check out the pics on there they r really tasteful. really looking forward to it. the journals r lovely but with postageabout £28 i suppose i could buy a posh journal cheaper and write my own questions with pictures and that
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  • I have done my H2B a photo book of all the photos from when we first met at 13 right up to christmas just gone. I have also added a poem and some sentences to go with the photos. He loves photos as this was the best option x

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