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My dear friends, I will introduce some good products for you. My last entry I was talking to you about the basic gyaru makeup essentials.Obviously you can't apply makeup with just your hands, you're going to need some tools to help you to do so! So once again I'm here to recommend some fabulous (and cheap) products that you will need to perfect your gal makeup.Lash curlers are essential for achieving larger eyes. You can use them to curl both your own lashes and you can use then to blend your natural lashes better to your falsies.Superdrug has set of curlers for a mere £1.99!

By themselves, I admit they're nothing that special and they don't do a tremendous job of curling, but if you heat them with a hair dryer for 10 seconds, you have free heated curlers that'll keep your lashes curled all day!Mind you don't let them get too hot when heating them or you may burn your eyelids. Give them a touch, if they're too hot for your fingers, they're way to hot your around your eyes so let them coolBrows:It takes quite a lot of effort to get your brows looking as effortless as Gal brows. Surprisingly there's quite a few steps you'll need to achieve them.Gal brows are generally very pale and soft at the inner corner of the eye getting harder and get more angular as you reach the end of eye and this is generally achieved by removing half of your eyebrow by means of shaving/waxing/tweezing, bleaching them or trimming them so you can drawn other them in a darker colour and filling them in and drawing on the ends with pencil or eye-shadowFor £1.99 you can get an angled tweezer from Superdrug to help you remove stray hairs from your brows

If you have light hair then you may not need this but if you have dark hair like me and it's really easy to see the individual hairs in my eyebrows (that sounds so strange) then I recommend this lightener from Boots which is £3.99.

It's very simple to use. It comes with 2 tubes, one of an accelerator cream and one of a lightening cream, a pot to contain the mixture while stirring and a spatula for apply and stir the creams. you put equal amounts of Lightener and accelerator into the pot depending on how much you think you'll need, stir with this spatula until the 2 are totally mixed and apply directly to the brow with the spatula10 minutes later you should have lovely pale brows!Alternatively you could just cut your brows right down to use them as a kind of template for your brow shape, rather than bleaching them, and simply draw over the top of them and for that you'll need scissors£2.79 from Superdrug [I love Superdrug today, can you tell?]

Yes these are nail scissors but they make excellent brown scissors because of the curved end of them which makes it easier to see what you're cutting.Brushes.This may be one of the more expensive things I'm recommend but this is because they come as a pack.Topshop's makeup and brush range have only been out for a year or two but they are fabulous. I love their brushes and are particularly keen on their foundation brush~They're selling a range of 6 brush essentials complete with carry bag for £26 and with that you get, starting from left to right:

1. A power brush
2. Blush brush
3. Foundation brush
4. Eye-shadow brush
5. Eye-shadow brush
6. Lipliner brush

These 6 brushes work out at just over £4 each and serve multiple uses as well are the ones they were originally intended for.
 The powder brush can work for contouring your cheeks or blending highlighter and blusher into the cheeks properly.
The angled eye-shadow brush can be used for drawing on the ends of your brows
the lip liner can be used to contour your nose
and lastly a pencil sharpener for any bro

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