Marryoke? I do or I don't?

For anyone that has not heard of a marryoke basically a lip sync video. H2b thinks they are cheesy and said no way to having one at the wedding. Plus I got quoted £850 to have one made!!

So would you have one?


  • Hi,

    I want one of these but h2b not sure. Our videographer does them at an extra £100. I know what song i want already Queen- bohemian rhapsody its one that everyone knows. I can see it all planned out in my head now. I know most of my family & friends would be up for it aswell x

  • PinkafroPinkafro Posts: 1,211

    OMG I hadnt heard of them. Googled and am so in love with this

    but £850! Wow. I can't even convince OH that videographer would be a good idea so think this would be too much of a challenge to get him to agree to

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