My diy invitation's

Hi all

So I eventually got round to starting my invitations image

Hopefully the photo's will appear so here goes nothing!!!!



 This is the outside, the ribbon has 'wedding invitation' printed on but you can't really see it properly in pic



 And this is the inside

What do you think??? image


  • awwww thank you was abit worried they were too fussy after seeing others, h2b really likes them image

    printing the insides was a pain in the a*** though trying to get everything lined up heehee image 

    it all looks abit funny in the pics though perhaps I should of enlarged them abit, hey ho, will try to remeber that next time, after all it was the first time I uploaded pic's too image

  • I brought the design software ages ago when I got into card-making & decided to make use of it heehee. It took ages to get everything the way I wanted it & I went through so many colour changes, I never knew there were so many shades of purple hahahaha, then I printed them on photo paper & stuck them to some mirror board & hey presto image

    Mind you your tardis invites are fab & they look amazing, they must have taken ages to do as well & must have taken a lot of time & effort too image

  • Awww but The Tardis or Tardi??? look amazing you must have a patience of a saint to  have made them!!! I just saw your other thread with your envelopes & RSVP's & the London theme is a great idea.

    Mine are really rather basic that's why I used the mirror card to add a bit of bling to them lol.  I've got to tackle the evening invites & RSVP's next & I haven't even thought about envelopes!!! I think this wkend is going to be taken up with glue. paper & guillotine heehee xx


  • Wenchy I should be able to buy the right size envelopes as the invitations are A5 when closed but will try to print the design on them so they match, not sure how I'm going to do this so it will be trial & error. 

    Wow I'm in awe of your patientence with your tardis' I would have given up I think, must have taken hours up on hours to create image

    Michelle thank you compared to Wenchy's Tardis' they were very simple to do really image

  • I was thinking about that it would save alot of messing around, going to sort the evening & RSVP's first though before thinking about envelopes, but I think it would be simpler heehee image xx


  • True anything for an easy life hahaha & whatever saves printer ink image xx


  • MrsSMcMrsSMc Posts: 384

    Love these!!

  • Thank you Steph very simple to make really image

  • Hiya,

    I like the colour scheme, the gated design & the main graphic design...very nice choice.

    But i do think it looks a bit too busy - on the front maybe you dont need 4 butterflies... also inside the graphic design and butterflies are a bit too much, too me it makes it look really busy...and takes away from the elegance.

    Iv noticed that simplisty is best when it comes to DIY that they dont look too much like DIY.

    Again its just my opinion, please dont take offence, im just giving my thoughts.

    Also i like the writing on the ribbon image

    All the best.
  • Hi Angellah

    Not offended at all image There's no point in asking for opinion's if you can't take honest replies image

    I did try try them without the flutterby's but they looked a bit plain for our tastes, so I put them on.  The ribbon I ordered from a company called 'creative ribbon'.  They can print anything you want wording, symbols etc & they have a variety of colours & width's too image 

  • Oh great, thanks for the website namte, i'll be sure to take a look.

    Thanks image

  • These are cute. I do like the layout of the insides. The pretty florishes are elegant. 


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