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Brooch boquets in progress!

Hi all... well I made the decision last week that I wanted a brooch boquet - have managed to collect 120 large and medium pieces and 30 small filler bits... am still awaiting about 20 to arrive, but have wired all that I have this weekend and have taped about half (more tape on order from ebay!). My fingers are cut to death but am very happy so far!! Total spend about £80 which is what i was going to pay for a boquet anyway and this one I can keep for ever. I have a brooch from my late Nana and have asked h2bs grans if they have anything i can put in it, as I think that will be really nice.

Heres some pics of my wired brooches - altho the pics dont really do them justice they are much more blingy in real life!   So, any ideas where to start with putting it together???!!! x












  • oh2bmrsjoh2bmrsj Posts: 569

    ok traditionally to make a hand tied boquet you would use your focal ( main flowe)r in the centre then keep working around balancing flowers ( e.g..) colours even all through etc...  you normally work on a spiral . so you put the flowers in on an angle but using the same angle and direction every time , you sort of put the flower in on an angle and then turn the bouquet .


    have a look on you tube there maybe instructions on there ? everything else seems to be there . i know there will be for a traditional hand tied - good luck

  • nats2013nats2013 Posts: 6,253
    it looks like Christmas its so sparkly!

    looking forward to seeing what everyone's done
  • Thank you oh2bmrsj - i had never even thought at looking up how to do a hand-tied bouquet, it makes sense that the principles should be the same. thank you image

    Nats - thanks - yes sparkly was defo whsat i was aiming for! i have been following your dress thread, it looks stunning cant belive you have made it yourself. are you doing your own flowers?


  • nats2013nats2013 Posts: 6,253
    yeah. they will be a mixture of paper and fabric probably. haven't started that yet although button holes are on the list soon to do (if i can get the man to decide what he wants.....). where do you get all your broaches from? its really nice that you can bits from all the women in your family and future family
  • men eh lol. they sound really nice, i like all the different / interesting bouquets. I got my brooches from quite a few places - bought 2 lots from some nice girls on here, charity shops, car boots, raided my jewellery box (its all costume jewellery and i hads loads of rings i never wear so wired them up)  oh and ive ordrered some individual ones from some chinese ebay sellers so will see what they are like - only 99p inc p&p so worth a bash i thought! i had nothing on tues/weds and now i have like 160 bits  image  you will defo have to post pics of yours once you start image xx

  • Hi Wenchy - i had seen that online tutorial where they used the flower, but they left it in and i didnt really like it cus you could see bits of it and i dont think they are very nice looking, but i had not thought of removing it.  I wonder how easy it would be to pull out, have you tried it?  i guess maybe i could cut it out if it wouldnt pull out......

  • i see, okay yes that sounds straightforward enough. thank you.  and yes good point re loads of tape - its going to weigh a ton i reckon about 2 kilos!  will have to weigh it when im finished.  Thank you wenchy image x

  • one tip is to make sure there is enough wire on them that when you hold the bottom of the wires the brooch stands straight. I thought I'd put enough on mine but after a few weeks of it being made they started to bend, so I've had to take it apart to re-wire. I'm only having a small bouquet so it wasn't too bad, sounds like yours will be quite big so would be a nightmare to re-do.
  • oh no Rhodesbride what a nightmare!   Oh dear, well mine dont stand up now if i hold the bottom . on the online tutorial things it said make sure they stand straight if you hold them about 3 inches down the wire, so mine do that ( i used 20 gauge florist wire) but they defo dont stand on their own if i hold them at the bottom. ???  maybe this is why some people use the artifical flower and keep it there, to keep them sturdy and in place? x

  • fingers crossed wenchy image   i will hate it if i have to rewire it all argh ! will let you all know how i get on image

    Anyone got any pics of their bouquets???



  • looking good so far anjelica! I didn't use any flowers or anything, I just sort of got two or three brooches and slotted them together and then wired them to each other, in little bunches, then put them all together. It took ages as I kept taking it apart and trying again, and alot of the larger ones ended up underneath and you can't really see them. Mine isn't the most perfect shape but I love it image





  • Oh and I got some tiny ribbon roses in silver that I slotted into the little gaps to try and hide the tangle of wire underneath!

  • Amy yours looks really nice - i think its a pretty good shape image   its a bit daunting starting to put it togther, but yours looks fab, i think you should be very proud of it image  x  ps - the little roses is a good idea, i will bear that in mind image  x

  • It is daunting, I faffed for ages! Then I put it away for a couple of weeks cos I was SICK of looking at it haha. Then you just have to be brave and go for it! I'd recommend a glue gun too for sticking the riboon down and securing any wobbly brooches. Superglue and fabric glue weren't good choices but the glue gun is fab! And it was about £6 on ebay image

  • yes i have "borrowed" a glue gun from h2bs workimage   i have really enjoyed the glue gunning bit (i dont get out much hahaha).  as some of the bits i had werent brooches, they were clip on earrings, bits of necklace etc, i have glue gunned a load of wires on, am glad it worked for you when building it too, will keep hold of it for a bit then image x

  • SWB2BSWB2B Posts: 85
    That's beautiful!
  • oh2bmrsjoh2bmrsj Posts: 569

    did you look on you tube they actually show you how to wire and put together a brooch boquet !

  • oh2bmrsjoh2bmrsj Posts: 569

    theres quiet a few on there - good luck

  • You could always use a dry oasis dome to push the wires into and give some support, as its dark it shouldn't show thru the brooches
  • mandy503mandy503 Posts: 2,066

    Wow all your brooches look awesome - its gonna big a HUGE boquqet when ya one!!!

    amyilovecake: Yours i fab, I think we may have some of the same brooches too, did you use handcrafted company?

    This is mine, its a bit different to most as I wanted to incorperate some flowers and feathers in too, and it has trailing ivy coming from the bottom:


  • With the amount of brooches you are planning to use the hydrangea would never show through! I've got a fake hydrangea in the middle of mine and its not at all visible. The best tip I read was to hold the brooches in your left hand and rotate to try and add the brooches. I don't have any pictures as I am on the mobile.

    There's also some good guidance on here about how to use flower oasis in order to get the shape you want but I tried that and it was really too difficult for me. I wrapped my handle in about 6 different layers of ribbon as well as tape to make it comphy to carry. Good luck - can't wait to see your progress!
  • Hi girls

    Ohmrs j -i had a look at that vid yesterday, thank you - altho she has only got a few broches in that one and i want mine all brooches ideally like amyilovecakes - any ideas where i can get a artificial hydrangea flower ??? I looked in The Range yesterday, they didnt have any, and ive looked on ebay and amazon they are quite expensive...  and do I need just one or more than one as I want mine to be bigger than the size of just one if possible... i fear i am being too ambitiuos lol!

    hannahnanna669 - I tried the oasis ball but i couldnt get on with it  image  ( i tried that first)

    Then i tried putting some together without the flower but like Amy said they all keep dissapering underneath ... so i am thinking the artificial hydrangea flower route next!

    Mandy 503 - thanlk you - yours looks lovely (we have the same colour scheme image  )  ... loving the brooches on yours, i like the big blingy ones!

    Jennytay - thank you for your advice image  definetly trying to track down a flower - where did you get yours from?  yes i just couldnt get on with the oasis, it kept sort of tearing.... started having a mini panic last nite thinking oh no ive septn my boquet budget on the brooches and bits and what if i cant put it together! but its okay, ive got 6 months so time on my side, hopefully when i can get a flower i can get stuck in!!   try and put some pics up of yours at some point if you can, woudl love to see it image




  • I got my hydrangea at hobby craft it cost me £1.99 I also got a bouquet holder from there and stuffed that on underneath to hide the wirey bit and then stiched some lace round the edge!

    I have made a few changes since this photo as I moved the big cream pearl one round and changed the handle! and added extra lace round the edge!










  • WOW its stunning!!!! and you cant see the flower at all. and you look beautiful in your dress and with the bouquet.  that is some impressive work!!!  image

    oh we dont have a hobbycraft here image    is a boquet holder like a plastic circle with a tube for the handle and you put the stems down the tube?? can you get them in diff sizes?



  • is it one of these?



    if so - this is only 9cm it says, which seems very small, but the rest i can find (on ebay) are only 7cm?

    Do you plonk the hydrangea in the oasis, or take that out and put it in by itself?

    sorry for all the q's!!! xx

  • hiya, sorry ive been at work and havent had a chance to reply

    It was one of these i used


     but I reckon the other handle you posted would work! the best idea is just to tiral and error and see what works for you. i took mine apart 3 times (the photos above are the second attempt ive changed it slightly since then)



  • Here's mine:

    Have made the corsages to match and have loved it!

    Abby xxx
  • Hi Jennytay - ah okay, so thats one of those circlular things about an inch thick ? and did you push the wires through the oasis evenly or all through the middle hole?   i see what you mean i think its going to be a bit of trial and error!  image

    Abby - wow yours is beautiful! I have not seen anyone make one of the teardrop shape ones. How many brooches did you use?and what did you use to construct yours?

    I love looking at everyones photos and finding out how everyone has made theirs image

    image xx

  • Hi hun,

    It was really simple. I had a massive range of brooches and earrings (clip on ones as you can thread the wire through the clip on the reverse) and the first think i did was thread a relatively flexible wire through each one to make a stem, like a flower. That took a while, as i needed to ensure each piece was firmly in position, and this was managed by twisting and twisting the brooch onto the threaded wire each time until there was no slack. I then, literally just started buching them together, securing with some florsts tape, every third stem or so. I used a long wire for the stems so i could have a handle, as each wire could be trimmed to size afterwards once i had finished the shape. I should warn you, my hand was almost falling off by the end of that morning from holding the stems together so tightly, but it was worth it.

    I could make the teardrop by flexing the wires into new positions as i assembled it. Once finished, i secured any loose brooches etc from behind with a dab of hot glue froma glue gun. I am keeping my bouquet in shape for ever, so never need to dissamble, so this wasnt a problem for me. I also used thinner florist wire to wire some of the brooches together in the reverse side to ensure they held shape.

    I then trimmed the wires at the handle, and ribboned all around the handle and behind the bouquet to hide the wires.

    Taking all this into account, doing the corsages was by then a piece of cake!

    I am going to do a planning post at some point, a little nearer my wedding day in december though as a few of my friends are getting married and may be on here, and everything is a secret at mo! Anyway, i'll put some of the process pics up when i get to my planning post as have kept a record of it all.

    Have fun, its so rewarding and i absolutely love the fact that not only have i made my bouquet, but one day our children may use it in their weddings, or their children etc! Also, its a great addition for the mantelpiece once framed afterwards! Xxxxxxx
  • Hi Abby

    You make it sound so easy! you are very talented. I have wired all mine up (well im awaiting about 15 to arrive but have wired the rest) but am just trying to figure out the best way to put it together. evrryone seems to have a different method, but they all look really good image

    I was trying to track down an articfical hydranga but am having difficuluty - went round loads of places yest and the only place that had them was the garden centre at £15!!! what a rip off.  So its reasurring to see you made yours without anything other than the brooches, i think i will have a go at that, and if it doesnt work, try try again!

    Thank you for your detailed reponse, and it makes sense to have the long stems - mine are about 30cm so hopefully long enough.

    As you say your corsages will be a peice of cake!!  defo put up some piccies of them once youve finished them, I would love to see them image


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