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Hi Ladies!!

Me and h2b are getting married in March next year so trying to crack on with our invites. I'm making my own invitations but i'm having trouble with the inserts. I've decorated the card so that all sorted. I've typed up my wording but want to put swirls (that's the only way i can think to describe them) in the top left corner and the bottom right corner. I managed to do this but when i went to print a draft copy the bottom swirl had only printed half. Not sure what i'm doing wrong. I've tried to re-size it but then my writing goes all over the place.

I'm also printing onto pearlescent paper and noticed that the ink looks a bit smudgy. Should i be using something different???

Any IT help would be very much appreciated.


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  • MrsJCMrsJC Posts: 2,204

    Hi, Laura,

    Printing the swirls will be tricky. Are you using Word? you need to make sure that they are positioned on the document that you are printing from inside the margins that you have set. You might find it easier to apply the swirls afterwards, either as a stamp (perhaps with embossing powder over the top? That would look really nice.), or perhaps as some sort of sticker - there are lovely ones out there!

    As for the paper - I doubt you are doing anything wrong. I'm afraid it's notoriously difficult to print onto pearlescent paper using a domstic laser printer, as the ink often doesn't adhere well to the shiny surface. Have you bought all your paper? If not, and you are still working with samples, it might be worth asking your supplier if there was a pearlescent paper that that know has good results for printing. PDA card were very helpful with me when I asked this question.

    Good luck - and do post some pics when you are done, we would love to see what you come up with! 

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    i imagine the ink doesnt dry very well on shiny surfaces which is why you will have problems with the purlescent, different printers will handle the printing differently but they may need a long time to dry before you move them and if you are printing lots off in one go make sure you take the finished one away from the printer each time so they dont smudge each other

    your printer will have a set area it can print on to. most printers cant use the bottom 1-2cm so if you are trying to print in this area thats why. otherwise what MrsJC is talking about are the numbers down the left hand side, itl only print where the background of the numbers is white, if it goes into the grey you need to move the triangle thing down (or right, if its not pritning that side) but check you can print as low as you are on your printer first

  • Hi Ladies

    Thanks for the replies!! Will try the margin thing i'm not very techy so did the wording on microsoft word. So might be something as simple as that.

    FutureMrsJC what is embossing powder.....have you used it and if you have was it easy to use?? I like the stamp idea i used them on my favour tags that i made. I'm scottish so have put a little thisle on one end and a Welsh dragon on the other to represent the welsh H2B.

    nats2013 i took the sheets out one by one for that very reason but when you look closely at the typing it looks smudgy....h2b says they look fine but because i know its there it's annoying me. Silly i know!!



  • MrsJCMrsJC Posts: 2,204
    Hi, Laura,

    What you do is use the stamp with an ink pad, and while the ink is wet, sprinkle the embossing powder over it so it sticks, then tap away the excess. Then, you heat it up. The grown-up crafter thing to use is a heat gun, but I got excellent results just holding it over the toaster! Anyway, the powder melts and the particles bond together to form a pretty, shiny raised pattern, let it set for a few seconds away from the heat, et voila!

    If you google embossing powder, you will find lots of suppliers and loads of video tutorials, but it's very easy, and really good fun!

    Let us know how you get on x
  • Mrs S 2BMrs S 2B Posts: 366 New bride

    Thanks for the tip about the embossing powder - i'll have a go at that too! I find it easier to use microsoft publisher rather than word for designs like this as it will tell you if your design is within the print margins and you can move whole text boxes about. It doesn't come with all office packages though which is a bit annoying.

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