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DIY Real petal confetti-would this work?

hello all, looking for opions/advice/experience we have found out that our venue does not allow the paper type confetti, we can however have real petals. My partner is a gardener and grows flowers for me all year my question is can i make my own dried flower confetti, like shropshire petals? We are getting married abroad wiht 15guests so were not talking load and loads needed. I have tried a goodle search and come up with a few dif ways to do it

1. microwave the petals to dry them out

2. dry them out in a book (would they still be nice by aug? as i dont need loads i could always start june or july)

3. freeze the petals then dry them out right before the wedding

anyone have any advice or ideas? I think it would be a nice touch for confetti to be all the flowers he has given me this year- but only if it works. anyway thoughts appriciated



  • NowMrsMackNowMrsMack Posts: 2,535

    I've microwaved mine!! Got a nice box full now, but still have LOADS to make!!!

  • nats2013nats2013 Posts: 6,253
    If it helps Shropshire petals say to order no more than 3 months in advanced to keep the petals as fresh as possible so if you can do it over the summer that would probably help
  • MrsF2b2MrsF2b2 Posts: 831
    Love the idea of confetti being the flowers he has given you - means he has to give you lots of flowers!image just make sure he knows to buy you flowers that dry well!
  • Malb2b13Malb2b13 Posts: 679

    thanks for the replies ladies! Mrsmac how long are you microwaving them for? x

  • NowMrsMackNowMrsMack Posts: 2,535
    It really depends on the water content of the petal! Some retain their moisture for longer, like ros??s for example, whereas carnations are done quickly!

    I usually do it in 30 second blasts though! Bit keep an eye on them because otherwise they just shrivel up! Roses take about 2-3 mins usually and carnations 1-1.5mins!
  • Out of interest do the rose petals shrink up quite small?

  • Malb2b13Malb2b13 Posts: 679

    i have had a go at pressing some and doing some in the microwave, rose petals shrunk a bit when pressed, shrunk more when microwaved but not tiny x


  • NowMrsMackNowMrsMack Posts: 2,535
    Yeah they do shrink. Roses don't shrink too much, but carnations go super tiny!
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