I need luck and some help please...

Hello, I am planning on making a hundred of these at the weekend....


 I have never made anything from fabric before so don't have a clue where I would buy it from?! I am looking for a mixture of chiffon and tulle. All the shops near me that I have looked at have fabric for table cloths and curtains but nothing like what I am wanting.


  • Have you got a local haberdashery (or however its spelt) store? or somewhere that makes dance costumes or sells the fabrics? Hmmm maybe a stall in an 'indoor market' in a shopping centre (we have one in Vic Centre in Notts).

    I love them, do you have a tutorial of how to make them? I'd love to have a go!


  • MegsMegs Posts: 547

    I have checked the bigger shops but might try the little proper haberdashery shops instead. I do, the link for the one above is...


    but I found loads more on pinterest....



  • Thanks image

    Oh god, that'll take forever to make a 100! Good Luck in your search and crafty weekend!


  • meg have you tried boyes. mine has loads of different type of material


  • If you've not made anything like this before, I would seriously recommend only buying a bit of fabric and trying it out first. They look quite fiddly, and if youre not used to working with fabric it may be hellish just to get the pieces cut out
  • Oh and if you don't have proper fabric scissors, get some, you'll never cut through that many layers of fabric without them
  • MegsMegs Posts: 547
    my BM is coming over to help, she makes alsorts of clothing so is bringing fabric scissors and some knowledge now image just need to buy plenty of fabric incase of mistakes (on my part!) thank you
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    Do you have a dunhelm mill near you. They are usually well stocked
  • Another fabric to consider is voile used for window dressings-sheer, in lots of colours, and sometimes comes in cheaper than chiffon and tulle. Good luck!
  • stick to tulle- as it does not fray- you can do these kind of flowers with organza and run a lighter round the edges of each petal to seal ( takes flippin ages!!)

    or can just go for frayed shabby chic look.

    If yu need to do loads i reccomend buying some flower petal confetti ( the silk type not real) and layer those with tulle ones and a button or few crystals in the middle.

    enjoy! I love faffing with stuff like that!!


  • MegsMegs Posts: 547

    Loving the name change grangebex!

    Thanks for all the help ladies! Zoe I have tried the Boyes were I work but there isn't anything in will have a look at the bigger one.

    Trez - the nearest Dunelm Mill for me is miles away will prob take me over an hr to get there. I think I will try there if I get completely stuck!

  • megs- what colour are you after??

    most companies i use are trade only

    but you can try bridal fabric and lace on 0115 9631369 and tell her bexbrides sent you she might have some odds and ends- but as is in nottingham would have to post.

    if you risking the organza- you can buy wide organza ribbon and fold it into sections and cut many at a time

    bex xx

    ps just had to change the name lol!!!

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