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Gift list asking for money From the baby...

Hiya! I saw an insert for invite recently and I loved the idea, only problem is i can't find it anywhere and I am terrible at poetry... Basically it was a way to ask for money instead of a gift list but from the baby.. It said something like mummy and daddy already live together and since I came along they don't have much room so would appreciate money to put towards a deposit on a new house... Does anyone with good poetry skills have a good way of saying this? Or have you seen/ used something similar? I'd be so grateful! Xx


  • Abbie-JayAbbie-Jay Posts: 21
    Mummy, daddy and baby

    Have a problem with their home

    It's getting a little small

    For all the things they own

    So please don't think we're rude

    Please understand our logic

    If thoughts were on a present

    All pennies would be for a deposit!

    Something along those lines would be cute. X
  • HollyTreeHollyTree Posts: 86
    Oh thankyou! This is great! Xx
  • heliganedenheliganeden Posts: 1,848

    Hmm, sorry but I don't like money poems at the best of times, I think they're a bit twee, just a polite request for money is much nicer imo

  • CasamamaCasamama Posts: 123

    sorry, i am the same as heliganeden but really, do what you want.  the poem is fine.


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