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Hello I was wondering if you could help.  I want to make some confetti cones using paper doilies.  I bought some paper doilies from eBay, but to be honest when I've made my cone they look a bit rubbish.  The 'hole' bits from my doilies are quite big:

Ideally I would love some paper doilies like these that look a bit more delicate:

I've tried looking online but can't find any delicate looking ones - any help on where I can find some nice paper doilies would be great image


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    Hiya! I bought my doilies from ebay too and the first few I made were not great! The ones I bought looked quite cheap and flmsy but they were better when I doubled them up. Have you tried that yet? Below is an example of mine and these were made with two, sometimes three doilies each. x



  • Hi! Have you tried etsy? I found lots on there, if you have time to order them that is! Another great idea for doilies, if you have some spares left over, you could use them to decorate your table plan in a border around the edge like this wreath idea:

     Are you thinking of doing more D.I.Y wedding projects, because I know of some D.I.Y wedding workshops, check out, they do hen do's too!

    Soph x

  • Hello MrsCtoB13 - Oh wow these are beautiful - just so delicate and pretty!!! image  Do you have a link for the item on eBay?  What sice doilies did you use?  Also, did you cut the doilies in half or use a full one?  Sorry for all the questions, hehe.  Yeah I tried doubling mine, but they still look a bit cheap and horrible.  I will take a photo tonight.x


    Sophie Jane - Those were my favourites from Etsy!  These are my back up if I can't find any locally - the P&P from the USA to England kind of stunned me a bit hehe - I don't fancy having to explain to the hubby to be why I'm spending so much on paper doilies (even though I think they're totally worth it image)

    That's such a fab idea for using left over doilies!  I do love a good dolie craft!

    Ooooo, thanks for that!  Yeah I really want to add as much handmade items as I can.  I have already made a start on handpunching my confetti, and I've designed my order of services.  Still lots more plans going around my head.  I love the idea of a worksop hen do! x

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    Hya! Ah thanks! Here's the link to the item - they are really cheap but you can probably find better ones. Size wise though they were perfect! I thought you would cut up the middle and then roll but you don't need to. Just roll the whole thing on an angle.

    I then bought the bows from Hobbycraft. Hope that helps! x

  • Thank you so much MrsCtoB13.  I will definitely buy the ones you have used as your cones look so pretty!

    These are mine (with the very 'holey' paper doilies) - hubby to be said that they looked like fish and chips cones, which strangely enough isn't exactly the look I was going for - hmmmm.






     Have you made the holder for the confetti cones yourself? x

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    Hiya! I don't think those are a bad effort! It's tough to see exactly as the jar is covering bits but I quite like the holes as they make it look even more delicate. Men don't have much of an idea when it comes to these things image

    Oh god no, I bought the box online! Think it was from confetti direct or something like that. Will decorate it with ribbons and shells though. X
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    I've bought mine in packs from sainsburys and instead of cutting them in half I'm just folding them in half then making the cone so they are doubled almost and stronger

    Cost me ??3!
  • MrsCtoB13 - Hehe that's true about hubby to be image  Oh thanks, I will have a look online.  I was thinking of maybe a little wicker basket to hold the cones, but worried they may start to fall over once people start taking them out.


    mrshughes2013 - Oh that's a great idea - I will have a little look in the supermarkets too! image

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