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Thanks for reading girls. I know a lot of ppl have looked at my blog and I was just wondering if ppl think simple favours of magnets or mini canvas' with wedding slogans on ( eg eat drink and be married) would sell for favours, place names or whether this is something ppl would just do themselves? Thanks girls.


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    I live the whole mini slogan ideas for fridge magnets, key rings ect image
  • MrsH2013MrsH2013 Posts: 842

    I think if you are going to make something to sell then it needs to be something with the wow factor that Brides wouldn't feel that they could do themselves just as well.

  • welshgracewelshgrace Posts: 1,224

    I'm not particularly diy, (even though i did do all our stationery) and it doesn't sound like something I would be able to do without a lot of effort, so yes I guess there could be a market for it x

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    Thanks girls! I'm at open uni ATM so have time at home, meaning I can put a lot of time into each piece which I know can be difficult for working b2b which I'm hoping is a good selling point. Hard to work at moment due to health etc so hoping something like this will take off, bring in little bit of money image
  • Ooh yes I think they would. I posted on here as I was having difficulty finding pin badges with good slogans on. I think badges are great, and magnets and little canvasses, and having a really wide selection of slogans is a good idea as when I was searching it was all quite generic. My badges are for the out-of-town guest bags and I found all sorts (with a lot of searching) like ones about cameras and photos for the photography enthusiasts, and also famous quotations.

    Good luck with it! x

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    thanks girls, really appreciate the support. done a few bits and bobs just examples of magnet, mini canvas, writing styles i have etc. any constructive criticism would be greatly recieved!




     sorry for rubbish pics!

  • MrsH2013MrsH2013 Posts: 842

    I don't get the 2nd slogan? 

  • Sorry, does the first one say Dr. ink? I don't get it :-S
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    I don't understand the second slogan either, dainty ..... image .... but maybe I am just being stupid -not for the first time!

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