The very loooooong task of making my wedding invitations....

My sister is a graphic designer. I love DIY. So I was never going to buy my invitations! But where to start... I searched the internet and mostly got drawn to floral designs. Here were the pictures that inspired me...




 I wrote the wording and my lovely sister got on with designing.



  • annacwcannacwc Posts: 803

    It took 2 days to print the invitations (and I still need to finish printing the envelopes).

    Here is the mock up of how we imagined the invitations would look and the start of the piles of printed card!


  • annacwcannacwc Posts: 803

    I have spent all evening cutting the rsvp cards and the main invitation. I ache a little now! Tomorrow I need to cut, score and fold the maps inserts...



  • annacwcannacwc Posts: 803

    I am half way through cutting out this pile of card... I can't wait to get them finished and sent out!



  • amy-lou-22amy-lou-22 Posts: 1,259

    Good work! They look like they are going to be worth the hard work image

  • MrsJCMrsJC Posts: 2,204

    These are lovely - I can't wait to see how they turn out, Anna!

  • :D:D Posts: 1,805

    They look beautiful image def worth it. I made all my sisters stationary and we looked through her wedding box yesterday, it was lovely to know we had made it all ourselves and it was personal to her. 

  • GemgemGemgem Posts: 242

    These are really lovely, all the hard work will be worthwhile when your finished x

  • NowMrsMackNowMrsMack Posts: 2,535

    They're great! Love them!

  • JJ2013JJ2013 Posts: 628

    Gorgeous! We made ours and it was worth it, had so many compliments about them and I know they're on display in our friends and families homes image

  • EllaElla Posts: 32
    Wow! They really are fab!
  • annacwcannacwc Posts: 803

    Thank you for all of the lovely comments - they definitely helped to encourage me to keep going!

    We set up a production line at the kitchen table... My mum, sisters and h2b all got stuck in.



    We got them finished and posted out finally! We have already had 5 rsvps!! 



  • annacwcannacwc Posts: 803

    Here are the finished design...





  • they are beauiful, you've really given me some inspiration! x

  • LouBLouB Posts: 1,129 New bride

    They are brilliant! Well done you and your team image Invites are my next task, dreading it as imagine it's going to take a looooooong time!

  • these invites are AMAZING! So professional looking, just gorgeous! well done!

  • misslocketmisslocket Posts: 686

    Gorgeous! And good on your family and friends for the swift RSVPs!! Xx

  • annacwcannacwc Posts: 803

    Thank you all for the lovely comments (far more enthusiastic than my family and friends)

    I am lucky to have such a talented sister. She hand drew all the flowers then scanned them in and added colour. She is sick of the sight of the flowers... shame as I need to convince her to make all the other bits of stationary that I need!

  • They look fantastic! I made my own and I know how long they can take! Weeks for me! It's worth it though when you get the lovely compliments and the RSVPs back through the door! Well done! x

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