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Where can i buy DIY Accessories in London

Hello all,

May i please check if anyone knows a good place to buy wedding signs (blackboard), paper for crafts, poms, and somewhere to order wedding favors at an affordable price?

Thanks in  advance!


  • MurphySGMurphySG Posts: 103
    I bought my tissue paper online from carrier bag shop . otherwise morplan have a giant selection of colours
  • bw124bw124 Posts: 258

    Hi, not sure where abouts in London you are but I'll give you some general feedback from my experience. I've been trying to do a lot myself, and as cheaply as possible!

    To be honest, ebay has been by far the cheapest and has the most variety available. Hobbycraft have a lot, but the prices are much steeper. It might be worth holding out for a sale if you have time.

    What about somewhere like the The Works, or poundshops, poundsavers/stretchers etc? You might have to sift through a lot of irrelevant stuff, but you might just find what you're looking for. I would avoid specialist art suppliers at all costs!

    We ordered our things to make stationary (pearlescent card, envelopes and linen paper) from It worked out good value, but the p&p was painful if I can remember rightly. 

    Hope that gives you some ideas. Let us know if you have any more questions. Of course, we'd love to see pictures as well. 

    All the best x


  • PinkafroPinkafro Posts: 1,211
    Agree with bw124! I work in London and have a shift with a 4 hour gap in the day once a week where I'd love to get bits bought for wedding but Internet is much more helpful. The only place I've bought anything from in London (other than shoes!) is candle supplies from a very cool helpful shop/workshop in Shepherds Bush, which was cheaper to go there for my 1kg candle wax than pay postage online. I'm making candle favours.

    Shops out of London which have been good are Hobbycraft, The Range, WH Smiths (well they are in London), Poundland, Wilkinsons, 99p Store etc. most stuff has been eBay, Eco Kraft paper, amazon, and more eBay!
  • PinkafroPinkafro Posts: 1,211
    Ooh I also meant to say for Blackboards - I have done a lot of googling and as I wanted bigger ones they are so expensive! So I am DIYing these. Trip to homebase/[email protected] and bits of wood and either special chalkboard paint or plain Matt black paint would work too. I am thinking of buying edging wood too to paint white and make a 'frame' for some of them.
  • juls ngjuls ng Posts: 3

    wow, thank you everybody! your suggestions just kept me occupied an entire day online!

    well my wedding will have a travel theme and i'm looking for mini plastic 'luggage' to store candies in. i saw a few on US websites but was wondering if you ladies know of any other UK websites i could order them as shipping is really costly.

    also, i'm looking for airplane-shaped confetti, some travel-themed bunting, stack of papers for making flowers, a "postbox" or mailbox for guests to send us their wishes, a "bride and groom" sign to hang on our chairs, and the sticker wordings for pasting on our shoes.

    blackboard - ok noted, but wow sounds like a lot of work Pinkafro! i actually need them for the bride and groom chair hang.


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