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Hessian Help!!!!

I am in need of some guidance... I really want hessian table runners but I am unsure of the weight etc... has anyone else used Hessian and if so where did you get it, what weight etc? thank you  image


  • Amba80Amba80 Posts: 105
    hi there, I bought mine from eBay, cut hemmed and decorated with different laces and crochet doily like things! I'm really pleased with how they look!

    I've copied the item below that I used
  • PollyPolly Posts: 463 New bride

    Hi, Im hoping to have something similar for my tables. Do you have any pictures of your finished runners Amba80? Thanks x

  • Mrs CapeMrs Cape Posts: 133

    Thanks Amba80! 

  • Amba80Amba80 Posts: 105




  • Amba80Amba80 Posts: 105

    Hope those worked - took them on my phone a while ago!

    Also pls ignore the mess - I took over the lounge like youve never seen before!

    They were surprisingly quick to make - but I did destroy some of my mums tablecloths in the process - still not sure she realises what I've done to them yet!

  • Mrs CapeMrs Cape Posts: 133

    Ha ha sssshhhhhh! they look amazing! What else are you going for table wise? I have already started to gather posy vases and jars and was thinking lavender or stocks to hit the senses with something sweet and then wild flowers.

  • PollyPolly Posts: 463 New bride

    Thanks for posting the pics, they look really good. I think I'll order some of the hessian and have a go at putting some lace down the centre. x

  • They look fab!! (we won't tell your mum if you don'timage )

    I was hoping to make hessian runners too. I was hoping I could just cut them and leave the edges raw - do you think they'd frey like mental if I didn't hem them Amba80?? 

    Also, i saw something on pinterest about how to pre-treat hessian (or burlap coz it was a US site) and get rid of the smell......does it have a significant smell??


  • Amba80Amba80 Posts: 105

    Im probably a little wierd - but I liked the smell!! It wasnt very strong though. They will frey a bit - its not a tight weave, but it could look pretty! Worth a try first without hemming - that bit was a little involved - they all needed to be ironed first - but I didnt measure anything just did it by eye to save time - Im going rustic....

  • Mrs CapeMrs Cape Posts: 133

    Hessian has a slighty musty smell but air it out over the line first and it should take the edge off, I like the smell too Amba80! Polly I too was thinking of lace down the centre and i have also seen some hessian sashes with a thinner lace overlay and then gypsophila poked in the bow...gorgeous!

  • KatiePKatieP Posts: 8

    Hessian is sold by the metre here, especially for runners, tying round napkins, jam jars etc 

    Worth having a look

  • Carly57Carly57 Posts: 682
    I've made fabric lids for my chutney jars and mini bunting from eBay hessian (seller upholstery-diy123, ??1.89 a meter) without hemming. It does start to frey but not too bad as long as you don't mind rustic... I don't!

    I think it would be a one off use though, it's the moving around that gets it freying - cutting the circles out for the lids was fine but putting them on the jars with elastic bands stretched them a bit and the edges got looser.

    I did the bunting using wonder web and the iron and it stuck pretty well so that could be an easier hemming option.

  • Mrs CapeMrs Cape Posts: 133

    fantastic! thank you very much, I dont mind rustic at all..I think I will start to get some samples together soon thank you x

  • Hey ladies!

    I bought my hessian yesterday image 13 meters of it from a place that specialises in astro-turf locally. They looked at me like I was mad when I said it was for my wedding tables!

    I know what you mean about the smell now - I don't mind it either - it reminds me of raw canvas I've used to stretch painting canvases. Though I think I will air it a little when we get a good day's weather, in case any of my guests are less keen.

    Am going to test out the 'fraying'/rustic look when I use some for some of the bunting I'm making so will report back if I have any findings image

    soontobemrscape - I can let you know the supplier I used if you're in the north-west? it might be helpful, but if you're not local they'll probably be somewhere equally as cheap nearby. image

  • Mrs CapeMrs Cape Posts: 133

    Hi Sarloussomethingblue, I am actually in Derby but if you can let me know the name I will have a look for somewhere similiar, do you mid me asking how much you paid?image

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