Hey everyone, we are having a village hall wedding and the walls are bare grey colour... I dont mind them but as I go more into my decoration and theme ideas I am thinking about possibly draping them. I have been in touch with a few places and am waiting for quotes back but one company i looked at started their prices at £15 +VAT. That seems alot. So...here's the thing... the village hall has previously been draped and the wires etc are all in place still from then, who thinks I could just do it myself and who knows what the best way would be? thanks ladies, and gents image


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    How big is the hall? Yes, you could do it yourself but depending on what fabric you're thinking of, I think the fabric alone will cost you more than £15 +vat, I think that sounds really cheap!!

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    As someone who works for a wedding hire company that specialises in drapery I would  definitely consider shopping around and getting professionals to do it. This is not a plug for business as I won't mention the name of the company unless you specifically want to contact them - I'm just trying to offer an opionion from the perspective of someone who does this every weekend. £15 per wall is actually pretty cheap - assuming the companies are using high quality voile (some use lining similar to that which marquees are made from which is far cheaper). 

    Personally, I wouldn't want the stress of doing it myself before my wedding - depending on the size of the room it takes anywhere up to 4 hours to complete properly, and that's with a team of 4 or 5 of us who are pretty speedy. 

    However, if you do go ahead yourself then I would suggest that you buy fire/heat retardant voile as draping can affect the insurance policies in some buildings which would cost you a lot more than what you've been quoted. Plus, what would you do with it all afterwards?!

    If you're trying to keep costs down then maybe you could just have a couple of the walls draped - as you say, the grey sounds pretty inoffensive and would blend well with the drapes which would just soften up the overall look of the room. Shop around and get some quotes and ask to see pictures from all the companies. If there's one you like in particular then ask whether there's anything they can offer within your budget, or whether they could tailor something to suit your price range. Always worth asking.

    Hope that's helpful!

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    Hello everyone, Sorry the £15 was per meter plus VAT. I have found a company that has given me a price of £300 plus VAT as they have done the draping there before... any way I think thats pretty goood! especially as they are local and know that there are certain difficulties getting in and out etc.... Thank you for your messages they have proved helpful and I think I know now that dressing tables myself is one thing but climbing ladders the night before is best let to the professionals! thank you xx

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