Magnetic Save the Dates??


My other half has designed us some fab save the dates which we'd like to print onto magnets. The only place we've seen so far is Vista Print but the samll ones are too small and the large too large!! Ideally we want a happy medium size!! Also, I worry a bit about the quality of vista print as I've seen less than impressive things as well as good things from them!

Can anyone recommend where else to try that is good quality??


  • MrsA6MrsA6 Posts: 962 New bride

    Have you thought about printing onto high quality card yourself and attaching the magnets afterwards? You can buy rolls of magnet strips which you can cut and stick on the back...may work out cheaper and means you can get the size you want?

    We had our's made and has a ribbon loop on the top so they could be pinned to/hung from somewhere, but also had the magnet on the back so people can do with them what they want image x

  • PenlouPenlou Posts: 73

    We got ours from the Card Gallery and we were very pleased with how they turned out:

    We did use one of the designs on their website so I'm not sure how useful they will be when using your own design, sorry.

    Good luck image

  • Bubbles91Bubbles91 Posts: 120

    Many places that hand make invitations will put them onto magnets!!  The place I plan to get mine from do beautiful magnetic save the date cards!  The shop is based in Merseyside, is this any good to you? xxx

  • I designed my own on zazzle. You upload your own picture, add your text in the colours you want and choose your size and shape. Round has a choice of 3 sizes and sqaure choice of 2. I chose the large round ones as i thought they worked best for what i wanted.

    I was apprehensive about it but i was really impressed when they came. They were well packaged and the quality was fab, i would definately use them again.

    Hope this helps x


  • I think its a lovely idea but just a word of warning - my boss did this and many didn't get delivered, most were found stuck to the inside of the post van!!! 



  • Purple rainPurple rain Posts: 926

    bride and groom give you 20 magnetic save the dates for free. i got a sampke they are brill

  • becca54becca54 Posts: 78

    I printed my own, you can get magnetic paper from amazon (hobbycraft too, but it's way cheaper from amazon) and then bought a guilotine to make sure i could cut it straight, i thought they looked great and i got a lot of compliments for them.

  • I got my magnetic save the dates from wedding paper divas, they were fantastic and delivery was really fast  even though came from the usa

    they also have a monthly discount code which is really easy to google! Highly recommended!

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