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Making my wedding unique, something different

Hi Everyone

I was wondring if anybody had any ideas they have on making thier special day a bit different. I'm getting married next year and would like to make my day a bit different for my guests, I haven't decided on a theme yet so open to any suggestions. I love all the little details that have been made when I go to weddings but stuck on how to make my own day unique. I would love to hear any ideas anyone has.




  • It might be worth talking a bit about the things you both are in to. Your wedding needs to be about you two and what you like, so it's difficult to suggest unique ideas that would suit you.

  • Thanks for replying. To be honest we love planning parties and have been known to host a party with a difference with unique and personal touches for our guests. I suppose we have put a bit of pressure on ourselves to have something a bit different, some special touches and unique ideas image but would love people to share any ideas on unique wedding favours, place cards setiings, centre pieces, entertainment they might have. 

    For us we both want our guest to have fun and enjoy our special day with us, with fun ideas image.

  • MrsC14MrsC14 Posts: 385

    Hi Rachel,

    I am exactly the same, I get married 20th June 2014 and am loving planning these little details! So far my list includes personalised cake topper, kids activity packs instead of favours (if you are having children at your ceremony), putting together my own centrepiece ideas (we are going to buy big vases from B&Q and go to a garden whole salers the day before to get lots of flowers and arrange them ourself with some ribbon around the vases), personalised wedding favours, little quiz cards about me and H2B on each table, winning table wins a bottle of champagne, the list goes on. Please take a look at for inspiration! Be warned it is so easy to get carried away with the hundreds of stuff they have on there but it is amazing. A lady recommended this website to me earlier and I have been glued to it for the past 2 hours! So much stuff. Hope this helps a little xxx

  • Hi we got married 8 days ago so things are fresh in my mind image our overall theme was a mixture of bunting/ pastels and gardens.

    For centrepieces we had varying heights of wood slices on the tables..between 2-8 inches with hurricane lamps on top, decorated with moss , herbs, roses, hydrangea etc

    For name cards and favours we used brown business cards which I hand stamped and added pin badges for 2 charities close to our hearts. I punched a hole and added a ribbon to each one to match the colour scheme.

    For the table plan we had aircraft silhouettes...this tied in one of my husbands hobbies.

    For entertainment we had a Photobooth, after the meal we had a swing/blues duo which created an amazing lounge atmosphere where people could dance, listen, chat etc then when the evening buffet came out we had a fantastic 10 piece band called The Kommitments.

    We also had a sweetie cart which was a huge hit. The next day when we went to clear up it looked like a plague of locusts had been!

    As others have said make it about you two as a couple and think outside the box... for example for our card box we used my MILs sewing machine case with a table linen from my grandmother inside, I embroidered the words "Cards, thank you" from threads left to me by my great grandmother. image very personal and unique. 

    Go with thwart you love! Xx

  • Ooh and get on Pinterest for ideas of little details image xx

  • *nikki**nikki* Posts: 193

    I was about to suggest you join Pinterest!
    I don't know how people did weddings without it!

    We are having a country village English fete theme - although it's lost a bit of the 'fete' but is still very country.

    The possibilities are endless, you could stick with a colour theme [ have a look at for some pallette ideas]

    or have a theme:
    Nautical / seaside
    Circus / funfair
    Vintage / country
    Fete / garden
    Film / music
    Glitz / glamour
    Sophisticated / formal
    Casual / informal

  • LollybearLollybear Posts: 548

    We have also been known to host some good parties (gladiator dual, bouncy castle, giant kids party, trampoline etc) so there was a bit of expectation from our wedding. 
    Apart from having the reception on a steam train I think we are being pretty low key with the reception. I don't really have a theme but I wanted it to be like it was when my parents got married so we are making our own simple buffett etc. We thought about what we wanted from the day and decided having a nice relaxed evening after the excitement of a train would be best. 

  • Woow thanks ladies for all the fab ideas, I have to admit I'm already hooked on Pinterest but I haven't heard of or so i'll have look. We were going to have a sweetie cart to but I thought about changing it to savoury snacks instead, for something a little different, I don't know about you but I always crave something savoury inbetween the lunchtime meal and evening meal. I've found really cute pots that they can fill and take back to thier tables, what's do you think? Sweet or savoury? 


  • on a train, that's amazing thats most certainly unique, love that image

  • I was very tempted to do a crisp table instead but I thought it might look too much like a pub buffet!

    As Mrs Crowther said, cake toppers is a good one. Mr H thinks we're having a bought pair lego bride and groom on top of the cake but I'm actually going to have a pair of toppers made as lego figures but more taylored to us and our outfits on the day. He'll get his own lego version of himself to keep.

    Table names is a good way to personalise it. I also looked into cocktail stirrers and cocktail napkins but I haven't been able to find them at a reasonable price. I may try buying plain stirrers and printing stickers to put on.

    Readings and music are key to us. We're making sure that the day really reflects us through our choices there. I'm leaving favours and centrepieces very much to the generic, because I don't really care about those myself - classy but simple is my preferred choice (obviously we'll have activity packs for the kids, but again I'm buying rather than creating).

    Lawn games would be a great time filler between speeches and evening, but we only have one guest in her 20's and many much older ( no Younger cousins other than a couple of teens) so not something they'll be that into, but maybe worth considering if your guests are a bit younger.

    Quiz things would be great. I love that but he as vetoed them. Same with wine glass charms for the top table! 

  • I probably wouldn't have crisp on there for that reason, I was thinking different coated nut, cashew, pistachio, popcorn, Bombay mix, pretzels etc. I've already booked the the cart which comes with beautiful glass jars and metal scoops but undecided what to offer our guests. 

  • My daughter got married March 2013. I suppose the theme was eclectic we made 99%. This included wedding and bridesmaid dress (50's style) with Doc Martin boots, mens ties, head dresses, bouquets (knitted and fabric flowers) button holes, favours (wooden cotton reels with x-stitch names-also doubled as place names). Daughter made her wedding cake iced it night before wedding did'nt know what to put on top, other daughter (bridesmaid) had bought lego bride and groom so we put that on perfect.

    There was a  Dr Who theme too, Father of the bride made a tardis post box, table names were past Dr Who stories colour theme was tardis blue.

    I enjoyed making the stuff so much I start a new venture next week my first craft stall with wedding stuff, including bespoke bunting (bride and groom or Mr & Mrs) anything you wish, padded coathangers, lavender bags, drawstring bags. This will be held in newcastle under lyme.

    I think you need to look at what you both like even if you think it is bizaar it's your wedding. Not many people were shocked when the bride wore dockers and the bridesmaid had skull accessories nail studs earings and necklace because thats what they wear.

    Do what you want and don't be dictated to buy what is expected ...... boring.

  • That sounds amazing what a talented family you have, I would be very interested in seeing some of your products if you could send some pictures image

  • I will try, sewing good at techno stuff well I'm  Mum of a certain age. Give me time I will try and sort tomorrow. Thanks for asking

  • get a close-up magician

  • Might be a bit cramped but what about a Tube carriage? Pretty different! Spotted this on






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