DIY Luggage Labels For Drinks

Hi everyone.

I've bought some cheap luggage labels on amazon and I'm hoping to turn them into labels for drinks being served after the ceremony with my stamp kit. 

Can anyone think of any good quotes to use on them? They're quite small so can only fit two or three words. I can only think of 'Cheers', 'Drink me' and 'Bottoms up'. Was wanting a few more though so there was some variation.

Any ideas welcomed! (As are any ideas on keeping stamp ink from getting all over my hands, face and clothes!) 


  • Ummm is "take a sip" to long? Then you could have "sip me", "yummy", some with your initials and a heart " S

  • :D:D Posts: 1,805

     Sorry, just re-read your post and noticed you can only fit a few letters on, but you could use both sides?

  • You could also use small motifs that fit in with your theme, the type of drink ie wine, vino, cocktails, etc or describe the drink, sweet, dry, fizzy or the name of the drink ie chardonnay, bucksfizz etc, just noticed my previous post got chopped some how lol so thus is the rest if that post image lol.

    Also can't recommend the perdpex block stamps enough, you spell your words out on the block and stamp all at once, as it and the rubber patterned bitcare clear you can see exactly  where your stamp is positioned.

  • Thankyou for your replies ladies! Will definitely be trying these out later!

    And will def be looking into those stamps HubbysPrincess, mine look like a 5 year old has been doing them! x

  • I got my perspex block and a few flower stamps from the works for about 3quid and check card craft magazines they often have free stamps for the perspex blocks as freebies CD

  • Oh and for variation you could always glue some of those little plastic heart gems on some for a bit of bling image and a break from stamping lol

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    how about 'Cheers!' in different languages? Like German is 'Prost' and they Irish say 'Sláinte' x

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