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ive never been very crafty so need some help! I am making our wedding invitations and need some advice on what adhesive to use to stick the inserts in and the ribbon on the front. I am a bit worried about using glue so was wondering if anyone had come across some decent double sided tape or something like that. I need something strong enough so that they're not going to fall apart!



  • Super Sticky Tape by Glue Dots is great. Using it for mine. You can get it online or Hobbycraft stock it image

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    I second glue dots!

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    I would also highly recommend glue dots, its the same way they stick samples in magazines. You can get permanent and re-position-able. If you buy double-sided tape once it is stuck down you wont be able to move it.  

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    I used double sided scotch tape and it worked brilliantly.  Avoid wilkinsons own like the plague though!  I used it for my pocketfolds and they all started to unfold image

    The scotch tape stuck the ribbon to the card really well as well and it comes in a really handy dispenser.  I tried glue dots but I felt like it wasn't as secure as it should have been (I didn't want my guests to be able to take them apart)

  • Glue dots are truly amazing image


  • you should go onto I have just decided on my DIY invites bits and couldn't have done it without this site!! They have all the ribbons, papers, embellishments, glues, EVERYTHING and brilliant prices!


  • Brill! Thanks guys! Loads of help. Will let you know how it goes! Xx

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    I got some double sided craft tape off ebay! Was cheap and brilliant image

  • Best to use super sticky double sided tape (rather than normal tape) - otherwise the ribbon won't stick. You can get it here from Sparkles & Stuff Glue dots are good for certain things but for paper it's much better to use tape image

  • I have just finished my invitations and used 'Tesa permanent glue' its like one of those mouse tip-ex's and was brilliant! Am going to be using this for the rest of my DIY projects!!!


  • We used glue dots on our engagement invites and it was fab! Xx

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