DIY fresh lavender in pots or Florist fresh flowers?

We are having a bit of a lavender theme to our day along with a bit of silver stuff thrown in. I cant decide whether to do a pot of fresh lavender in the middle of each table in some sort of nice pot? maybe with an organza ribbon tied around or just hire goldfish bowls from the florist with flowers floating in? She suggested white peonies as Im having them in my bouquet. They would be £15 a table to hire, we will only have 4 largeish round tables as we are having a late wedding & going straight into an eve buffet style reception, no sit down meals. 

I have bought 9 large lavender hearts which I am going to hang from the windows (conservatory) so feel maybe I need a bit more lavender in the room or they might look a bit 'lost'

Pretty sure I could find some quite nice bushy lavender plants nearer the time but not sure what sort of pots to put them in? 

Has anyone tried lavender as a cut flower? not sure if it would wilt. 


  • Lynsey ShawLynsey Shaw Posts: 517

    The fact that you are asking means that you are serious about it.  I toyed with the idea of lavender pots for our tables too.  It would make the room smell divine and adds some beautiful colour.  My MIL was determined that we were having flowers and offered to pay for them - I gave in.  

    If you like the idea, go for it hun.  Maybe buy one and ask your venue if you could go in and put it on a table to see how it looks?

    L x

  • JodielouJodielou Posts: 4,058

    I reckon lavender plants for centrepieces is a fab idea! I think they'd look nice in simple, white ceramic or stone-coloured pots; some organza/ lace ribbon (or even hessian, if you like a more rustic look) tied around them would be lovely xx

  • Lynsey ShawLynsey Shaw Posts: 517

    If you decide not to do it for centrepieces - you could have your lavender hearts or mini lavender plants as favours?  

  • amyeamye Posts: 168

    I adore lavender  - doesn't go with our theme at all though! We're having cacti in these IKEA pots on our tables - I think they're gorgeous pots, and so cheap! We got the smaller size for £2 each, but they have a few different sizes.

     I also got some really pretty white buckets in Poundland the other day which might look nice for you - I snapped a quick pic, they're not on the website but they're defo in stock in my local store. 




  • Angie jAngie j Posts: 448

    Ok, I think you've convinced me lol. I love those Ikea pots Ive seen them before but not sure they would be big enough to house a lavender plant. If the plant is too small it might look lost on the table. 

    Guess I could look into just white ceramic pots, that would prob be easiest to find, although those white buckets dont look bad do they. Not sure about the handles tho, maybe they could come off? A pound is super cheap lol. 

    Also like the idea of tying lace around a pot as Im incorporating quite a bit of lace in my scheme e.g around glass jars for the sweets & tea light son the tables. 

     I managed to find a little set of 3 glass bottles today tied together with dried lavender in at M& S in the sale for £12 so Im going to tie some lace around each bottle. 

    Thanks for the help ladies x

  • Can I just ask what time of year you are getting married? I'm hoping to use lavender too but I'm getting married in April and thought it mighmotor be available then

    Love the poundland excuse for another trip to poundland I think 


  • our centre pieces are a mixture of dried wheat and lavendar, and on some tables we are having fresh alvendar plants along with dried lavendar within the ribbon on each place setting. x

  • Angie jAngie j Posts: 448

    Katie, we are getting married on the 6th June.  I saw some lovely lavender plants in my local garden centre recently so guess you can get them in April although I think most are a bit later but we have had a mild winter/spring this year so some plants are early. Ask in your local garden centre. 

    MrsGtoBe14, your centre pieces sound lovely. Dot suppose you will have any pics yet? When is your big day? 

    I have found a lavender farm fairly near us, although not been yet. I think I will go along and have a look a bit nearer the time.

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