Home made Invitations?

Hey ladies,


I've noticed in a number of planing threads people saying that they made their own save the date cards and invitations. Sometimes I'm not entirely sure how the person did this, but the end result always seems very impressive! I would prefer to make our save the dates and invitations - because I have quite a lot of time to spare, and would rather save money!

I'm not particularly crafty, but am willing to give it a go.

So for those of you that have already done this - was it harder than you expected? Any tips for online stores for materials? How did you go about it?



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    Mine weren't difficult, just time consuming as I wanted them to be perfect. I did it using Microsoft Publisher but found downloading my own font was better, so that it didn't look like I'd just used a bog-standard windows font. The website www.dafont.com is really good for fonts and its dead easy to install them. My invitations are on my planning thread if you want to look. There is also a link to where I got my wallets and they have loads of things for making invitations. 

    Why not just order a few single diy bits from somewhere and do a few prototypes to see what you like? x

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    I enjoyed makin my invites coz I enjoy doin stuff like tht but I'd think it thru if I was to do it again. I don't really think it is tht much cheaper than ordering personalised ones off net n depending on ur friends n family you've got to figure out whether it's worth it, wasn't many ppl I sent them to even commented on them. If you enjoy it, got the time etc and it is nice to keep after wedding then go for it but I wouldn't go out of my way to make them. Hope that's some help image

  • Im making mine, but like you Im not particularly crafty! Ive basically created a wedding website with all the details on it, nearby accomodation, taxi numbers, directions, menus, etc. Then the invites themselves are just printed using an old fashioned typewriter font, on to brown Kraft card (A5ish size) and then Ive hand made some mini bunting to go along the top. The invites have the basic details on like time, location, RSVP date and then at the bottom Ive more for more details please go to www..... and then the wedding website

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    I guess it depends how intricate your design is - I spent about £90-£100 on things to make my invitations; because my guests have a menu choice so I needed to send out menus, different rsvps for day and night guests etc, I was getting quotes of around £350-400 for invitation parts so it worked out a LOT cheaper for me! And most people who've had one have commented on how nice they are and have asked whether I bought them or did them myself! 

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    I had every intention of making my own invites, but making my friend's invitations in 2012 completely put me off the idea. I love card making and crafty bits, but making 100 of the same thing was soooooooooooo boring, that I vowed i would FAR rather pay someone to do mine, haha!!! 

    There's pros and cons to it, if you make your own you get exactly what you want and it's a really personal touch, but it will be very time consuming and repetitive! 

    My personal opinion would be to get them done professionally unless you have the patience of a saint, haha!!! (Which I unfortunately don't image)

  • Thanks ladies!

    Perhaps I should have added at the very beginning - but we have to have our invitations in two separate languages, which means that buying them online is going to be even more expensive - one of the reasons I am keen to go DIY on it!

    I will definitely check out the websites and planning threads people are recommending - thank you all for the responses so far!


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    I don't think making them was too much hard work - you just need to be willing to set aside a fair few evenings and be able to tolerate really boring, repetitive tasks!  I tried not to over do it so I'd like stick all the pockets in place and that'd be all I'd do one day, cut out inserts one day, etc etc so I never got too fed up.  I also designed mine on Publisher - just printed them on white card which was then stuck into kraft pocketfolds.  I am stupidly fussy and controlling so I really wouldn't have been happy getting someone else making them...

    In terms of cost, when I added up everything, I spent £67 on 55 day invites and 15 night invites.  That was for the main invite, plus 4 extra inserts, lace, ribbon and string to tie and envelopes.  Doesn't include printer cartridges but, despite buying new ones, I ended up not needed to replace them.

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