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Hi everyone

I really like the idea of making my own invites etc. Just wondering if anyone has done this and where they bought their materials from. Pocketfold invites in particular (which I ideally want to use)  seem really expensive and it looks like it would be cheaper to actually get them all made up, but I like the challenge of making them all I guess!

Any advice would really be welcomed!



  • FabWFabW Posts: 16

    I have used and printed the invites on a 300gsm A5 card. It cost 3 pounds a pack of 10. For the envelopes I made a lining with craft paper. It was only a first attempt but looks lovely and I think everyone appreciates the effort of a handmade invite. Good luck with yours image 

  • VicNVicN Posts: 1,352

    There's loads of threads about DIY invitations which I'm sure you will find lots of advice on; PDA card and craft I've heard are good. I did something slightly different with mine rather than pocketfold but the site I used which is called Imagine DIY does have them on: 

    I was really impressed with them.

  • MrsC2015MrsC2015 Posts: 97

    I used for the pocketfold invited. They have some really good ones. I was impressed with the quality. They will send you a sample if you ask. Only charaged me postage.

    Ebay is great for ribbon and embelishments. I got all my ribbon and embellishement from there as a local shop let me down at the last minute. Got the stickers for the front of my invites for 99p of 22!!!!

    Rymons is good for card and paper. Not too expensive and if you sign up to their newsletter you get offers sent through all the time. (also they do student discount if you know anyone who has an NUS card to give you the code).

    Some advise I wish I had know...the length of time it takes. I think my design was complicated as I had ivory invited but with a blue inside. Had to sick card to the inside. If you can put aside a couple of days great but I've been doing mine in stages and its taking forever as I get distracted all the time with uni work and real life. I'm aiming to have mine finished by the first week of May!

    Hope it all goes well!!!!!

  • J14J14 Posts: 121

    I know Hobby craft have a good slection but are expensive but its worth just having a browse there and then buying from somewhere else. Amazon actually have the pocket fold invites and are very reasonable.  Just a thought about invites that have a lot of ribbon and bow etc in my experience (apart from being time consuming) they are hard to fit in to envelopes and usually have to be cellotaped in to ensure they do not open on route (just a thought). 

  • welshgracewelshgrace Posts: 1,224

    Hi, I would also second PDA Card and Craft, they were brilliant quality and very reasonable.  They were always very helpful when I emailed them as well.

    By the time I'd bought all my bits and bobs they weren't really much cheaper than if I'd bought them, but making them my own was half the fun!   It also meant that I could print everyone's names on individually, which printers charge a fortune for.  I could also do all my co-ordinating bits and bobs at very little extra cost.  One tip - work out everything you need and order in one go (or as few orders as possible) to save on delivery charges, which can bump up the costs x

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