So i've decided to save some money and make our own table names, menu cards, wedding signs and table plan. I need to get a move on as the wedding is less then 7 weeks away! Starting to panic a little now!

The idea for the table plan is a blank canvas which im going to put some material on as the background and then i'm going to have three lines of twine going across (underneath each other!) and then peg the tables onto the twine .. I will do three on each line as we have 9 tables and then I will put the top table across the top.

I needed some advice with how to print the table inserts etc. Also with regards to the top table do we have a table name too or is just called top table? (sorry if that sounds stupid!)

Here is a picture of the kind of thing i'm going for! Wish me luck! xxx


  • tinkymootinkymoo Posts: 419

    I have named my top table. I printed mine out on a4 card. Used powerpoint, created luggage type shapes ( copied and pasted the 1st one so they were all the same size) then text boxed inside it to insert the writting. Then i cut them all out. Top table i just did a long rectangle. I used ivory hammered card and then backed it with forest dark green card and left a 5mm border around the edge. I stuck them together with them sticky pad things so the top piece is raised from the bottom. Easy and looks great! All my supplies were bought from ebay so really cheap!! X

  • MrsWraggToBeMrsWraggToBe Posts: 281

    Oh my god! Sounds exactly like what i need to do as the shape i want too! Did you create the luggage tag style on powerpoint?

    I will be backing mine onto brown rustic card! image 

    Have you also made a long rectangle saying your names and wedding date or have you included that in the same box for top table? x

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    I'm doing something similar, but using a piece of wood for the background.  I'm printing on to white card and then backing on to either kraft or orange card and pegging them on to twine image  I'm naming our top table and doing that as a strip across the top of the other tables.  And I was going to paint our names directly onto the wood.

    Something like this:



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    Don't do it at gone midnight the night before the wedding, honestly me and my husband were cutting, sticking and assembling ours literally 12 hours before our wedding.

    Measure twice cut once, also do a mock up with plain white paper so you can work out what font size looks best etc, we initially worked out our font size but then had to make it smaller so all the top table would fit in the space we had given ourselves.

    We got some part of ours pre-printed, table names and logo's by someone on etsy but had to print the names and assemble the whole thing, But I had worked out the size frame we needed, were to get one from and the bits the etsy seller did were made within the measurement range I had given them for each piece.

    I didn't want to order one with the name pre-done because I knew I would probably have some last minute changes. 

    We named the top table, but you don't have to name it, normally you see it called the top table when the rest of the tables are numbered.

    Not too bad for a 'rush' job eh?



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