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Im not a particularly craft/arty person and am overwhelmed by all the different carft shops. I found a perfect one that did everything I need, but its based in the US image

Basically Im after rubber stamps for save the dates and one with "wedding invitation" in Italics on.

I need Kraft card for the save the dates and I need some jute twine thats not too thick for the mini bunting to go on the cards. I just want a good website I can browse for ideas...can anyone recommend any good ones?


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    I've gotten my Kraft card and twine from ebay... The same with any ribbons, tissue paper etc that I have needed.


    I have also picked up a few bits from The Works, Hobbycraft and my local haberdashery  image

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    Pinterest is great for ideas and inspiration too image

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    Dnt bother with shops like hobby craft... Whilst they are great it can work out so expensive.

    Pda card for paper


    Etsy for personalised stamps


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    I have to disagree to a point... I purchased two stamp sets, two ink pads, 3 paper die cutters, a book stand a few other bits for less than £15!

    If you're savvy (look into sales, discount codes, offers etc) then you can use larger stores and come out with a lot for little money.

    I would honestly not decide against a particular shop purely because it can be expensive, you may find yourself cutting off your nose to spite your face!

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    I will also add that when I was looking into personalised stamps on Etsy previously, they were quite expensive (£40-£50 each), so not necessarily the cheaper option! 

  • Ive been in hobby craft, theres one right by my work, and I havent really found anything I like. I saw some rubber stamps in there in the sale, but they werent quite what I was after.

    Im having second thoughts about making my invites now, lol

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    I had intended on making my own, but then found a design that I really liked that were really good value (and today another bride posted that she had also bought the same design!)

    Take a look on My invites are from the 'Vintage Affair' range, but they have a few styles and and a really good price (10 invitations for £3.99).


  • I cant get the link to work Lea

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    Sorry, I confused it by using lots of dots! haha This should work now  image

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    Hmm... still not liking it - but if you type that in the address bar, it will work!

  • I googled it and found it, theyve got some lovely stuff on there image

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    Haven't they just! I've bought quite a bit from them and there is still so much on there that I would love to buy! haha

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    Wow £50? I've got a 5" personalised stamp for £18 From etsy!

  • jemmykins09jemmykins09 Posts: 618

    i'm an ebay girl, specifically look for sellers in hong kong/ china/ singapore for crafty stuff, they are SO cheap! 

    previously  i would've used hobbycraft/the works and amazon but one of the guys i trained is from india and he pointed me in the direction of the above countries and i've not looked back since! 

  • herstoryherstory Posts: 1,268

    If you have time ebay can save a lot, hovercraft is overpriced on some items but good because you can see before buying.

    I will say John Lewis does a bit of crafty stuff but I found other than for material was the same price or more than hobby craft.

    If you have time shop around, also maybe worth keeping your eye on the forum or posting asking if anyone has what your looking for, do list key items in the title and summary, you never know someone maybe thinking if selling bits but can't be fussed to list them, after all most weddings cost thousands so getting a few quid off craft stuff can seem like a lot of work for little reward.

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    I got my kraft card from PDA Card and Craft - they have sheets in all different sizes, or various shaped cards etc.  Otherwise I'm mostly using Amazon or eBay.  As others have said, Hobbycraft tends to be a bit more expensive than online, but sometimes it's worth it.

    And I got my twine from the gardening section of the 99p Store!  4 rolls in a pack image 

  • VicNVicN Posts: 1,352

    I got my personalised Save The Date stamp from The English Stamp Company - it's gorgeous!

     I also used a website called Imagine DIY for my invitation wallets and envelopes; were more than happy with them. image

  • I have a save the date stamp, I was going to put it on eBay, I've posted it on here before, if you look through my previous posts you should find it x 

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