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I am an artist who's trying to practice and get into business. I'm doing my own stage kind of period and giving free custom wedding invitations design. I will write you or we can skype and you'll tell me your story as a couple, something special over your relationship and will make you a caricature\ a portrait kind of invitation. It can be funny or sentimental or whatever you have on mind. I did my wedding invitation about two years ago and It was very nice and unique and told a funny story about me and my husband. I can't do endless designs so it is limited by my time. Send me the thing you want to emphasis in the illustration and we'll develop an idea together. Thanks and wish you a happy marriage. Jasmine


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    I know this is unsolicited advice, but I'd strongly suggest joining the Aoi. Also, if you haven't already got one, an illustration degree really helps (and it buys you TIME and helps you see your practise in a whole new way). Also, do you have a website?

    Good luck!

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