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We are having a photo booth at our evening reception and I am wondering peoples opinions on not printing the photos there and then?

I am using an app on my ipad to take the photos.  I can connect the ipad to the printer but it takes around 2.5 minutes to print each strip of 4 photos. This prints 2 copies on a 6x4 bit of paper, meaning 1 copy for the guest and 1 for us.  Do you think this is too long?  If so do you think it's okay to asks guests to leave their email address so we can email them their photos or we could load them onto drop box for people to get their own.



  • ICW2014ICW2014 Posts: 111


    we are doing a similar photo booth using an ipad, tripod, app and remote. We decided not to have a printer as we thought the chances of it going wrong were pretty high!  I think there are apps you can use which share the photos but I don't know what they're called I'm afraid!


  • MrsWPtobeMrsWPtobe Posts: 435

    My thoughts on this were not to have a printer available on the day but to potentially upload and print a few pics after the wedding of the guest and send them with the thank you card after. The thought of having potentially tipsy or drunk people messing with expensive printing equipment wasn't something I wanted, especially as we are having the reception at home! Either that or upload them to a particular Facebook album  so people can choose at their leisure if they wanted to print copies. 

  • I really won't worry about whether they are printed there and then, unless you were thinking of using the photos as a form of guestbook or favours or something like that.

    You could get one of those polaroid printers as an alternative? They tend to be about £100 or so, and you'd need the photopaper too, but would hook up with your iPad with no trouble. 

    Honestly though, I think people will be more focused on taking the pictures and looking good to worry about printingimage x

    EDIT: Oh! What about wedpics? You would be able to give everyone a secure code to login with, and they can not only upload their own pics, but grab your photobooth ones too image

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