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Words Of Wisdom..?

We are thinking of doing 'Words of Wisdom' cards instead of a guest book. I want people to write us little messages, jokes, antedotes etc... on cards and put them in a basket for us to read later and maybe put in our photo album.
We don't think we'd ever look at a guest book, an think people will have more fun writing on cards, and be a bit more risque if no one else will read it.

So I want a poem or something to write on a sign asking people for their messages, Advice on marriage. Does anyone know of one, or where I can find one?I'm rubbish with thinking of rhymes!


  • welshgracewelshgrace Posts: 1,224

    For our signature mount I had this:

    Our Wedding frame for you to sign
    For us to keep 'till the end of time
    Please write a message for us to treasure
    And bring us joy we can not measure

    I know it's not quite right for you, but it does have some bits in that would be suitable.  Could you maybe adapt it so that it was more suited to what you want?

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