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DIY cake stands

My wedding cake will comprise of about 70 cupcakes topped with a 2 tier sponge cake, whilst looking around for inspiration for design I found the most beautiful cake stand which got me thinking. I would love a cake stand that is different and that will really help to make my wedding cake stand out however I am on a budget so don't want to be spending too much on something like this. So I was thinking I would have a go at making my own cake stand. Has anyone ever done this? Do you have any tips or advice that would help me? I have a basic idea of what to do but is there anyway I can ensure that the whole thing won't collapse squishing my cakes?



 These are the stands that are the inspiration behind my idea.

Any thoughts are gratefully received. TIA!!



  • You'd probably have to make mdf boxes and then have a central post with wider parts inbetween the boxes.. i think if its well made it should hold no problem, Good luck! X

  • Rara1409Rara1409 Posts: 10

    I was thinking of sandwiching polystyrene sheets between mdf so as not to make each layer to heavy and covering with thick wrapping paper or wallpaper, and spray painting plastic piping to put between each layer to create a gap, I'm hoping if each layer will stand alone, then they will hold when stacked. I've got a lot of time to play around with the idea so fingers crossed I will create something that works

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