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Good morning all

I have recently had the honour of being asked to be bridesmaid for my best friend and she has hinted that she would like me to help make the invites. I love crafty things so I am delighted by this! Even though it is very early days, I wanted to get some ideas together for when we meet next. I think her vision is a lemon and purple theme, she loves the idea of dried flowers on her invites. I was wondering what your thought were about either drying them myself (how?!!) or where to buy them from to stick them on to cards.


Pinterest has been helpful but I was wondering if anyone else has done this sort of thing to give me some ideas please?


Many thanks




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    Dried lavender could work? You can buy bunches from Shropshire Petals or via Notonthehighstreet xx

  • I have dried out some roses but as Kitten said they are really delicate, I have done mine for confettti.

    I tied them in bunches and hung them in my airing cupboard and left them for a few weeks. 

    Good Luck 


  • Hi there,

    I think it is a great idea. You can create invite bombs that has dried flowers along with invites. When the guest opens up the outer cover, the dried flowers along with invite papers come out. It is a unique way to invite your guests. Another way is to tie a ribbon around your cards cover. You can place a bunch of dried flower under the ribbon. You can also place mix of cinnamon and dried flower inside your wedding card covers. When your guest will open up the invites they will get soothing smell of cinnamon.

    Hope this was helpful.

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