DIY buttonholes

Hi guys. 

Wondering if anyone can give me any tips on making my own artificial buttonholes?? 


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    i have made my own fabric flower bouquet and I'm going to make the same sort of flowers for the centrepieces.

    I'll also be using the same fabric to make the button holes - however I want to create a different shape (more closed rose than open flower if that makes sense) so I'll have to do some experimenting with how I shape the fabric.

    I got all my ideas off Pinterest - there are tutorials  fabric, felt, Lego, fake flowers, brooch / crystal button holes etc - pretty much anything. I got my fabric from a local market and crystal shank buttons from eBay to use in as the middles. 

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    imageDont know why the photo loaded on the side? I made these myself and make them for a coffee/craft shop to sell too...

    I'm happy to help you, if you are crafty and have the tools you should be able to make them...

    I have to say the silk flowers rap and diamante picks all add up, but not as much as a florist would charge!


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         Meant to add fresh flowers are easy too, but depending what flowers you use? Some need to be wired which is slightly harder...but not impossible! 

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    We made fresh flower button holes for my sisters wedding and I have to say it was a doddle! There were about four of us on the production line. We bought some roses from M&S the day before, then used wire and then ribbon to hide.

    It was really simple and they looked very pretty! 

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    I was thinking of doing the same and was wondering how you kept them fresh overnight? Didn't really fancy making 12 buttonholes on the morning of the wedding!!


  • UmbongoUmbongo Posts: 89

    I got married at the weekend. We had a little bunch of gypsophilia wrapped with brown twine. Looked beautiful and very rustic. 

  • sam79sam79 Posts: 160 New bride

    That sounds perfect, was it easy to do and do you have any pictures of them? Thanks so much for your help.

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    If using fresh flowers, you can make them them a day or two before and put them in a roomy plastic container in the refrigerator until you need them.  Just make sure that the container isn't too near to the cold air flow, otherwise the cold can "burn" them.

    For silk, just take one green leaf (or three spread out similar to the shape of your middle three fingers), pinch a bit of a faux filler flower (such as gyp, misty, or heather) into the center, place your main focal-point flower on top, and wrap with floral tape starting at the base of the focal flower and working downwards. Wrap as tightly as you can. Trim the stems so that they are about the length of your thumb, and cap the bottom nub with a little more floral tape.  That's all there is to it. I'm sure there are a gazzilion videos on YouTube on it.

    My mum was a florist and I worked in the industry on and off for many years too :)  It's not hard to do, just takes practice.

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    sam79 wrote (see post):

    That sounds perfect, was it easy to do and do you have any pictures of them? Thanks so much for your help.

    imageWhoops just read you asked about artificial button holes. These were fresh but am sure you could easily do with artificial flowers.

  • sam79sam79 Posts: 160 New bride

    I think SweeToBe was looking at artificial but I was hoping to go with roses and gyp so what you suggested looks perfect for what I was thinking. I might have to have a practice run! Thanks again. x

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    I would go for artificial then you could make them really want some kind of similar flowers to hour bouquet..

    I suggest finding a florist wholesales near you and go there if you want cheap and good! if you are thinking about tape you can buy it from hobbycraft I thick thy are online too..there flowers are not too bad, tk maxx also have some fake flowers, usually in vases but you can still use them They are often good quality...

    sorry about the emojies...ipad gets stuck ....but an emoji seems to work!

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