DIY photobooth?

Hey all

Thinking about doing a DIY photobooth for wedding and wondered if anyone else had any success? 

Making the backdrop and props seem fine (thanks Pintrest!) however what camera have you used? Any drunken mishaps? I have an image of over excited, drunken friends knocking over ipad/tripod etc Or did you get one of those instant cameras? If so how did everyobe keep their photos or stick them in guest book.

i am probably overthinking it, but be good to hear if its hassle or not and if so was it worth it?



  • SammykateSammykate Posts: 3,844 New bride

    Not used mine yet as my wedding is next year, but for mine I've bought a Fujifilm instax wide- this produces the retro polaroid style pics. A lot of people buy the instax mini but the pics from that are much smaller. I bought mine on gumtree for £20. Then I bought a black ring bound scrapbook from Hobbycraft to use as the guest book. The pics will be stuck in using double sided tape rollers or glue dots. I've experimented and both stick the pics very well. I'm also providing metallic pens in a selection of colours (to stand out against the black pages) and loads of stickers and washi tape for people to decorate with (collected from various places, mostly wedding and love themed). Props I've bought online from the ginger ray brand.

    I've bought several cardboard boxes from Ikea and they will be marked up with 'shoot' (spare film), 'Stick' (with the tape etc in), and Decorate (the stickers). Then a jar for all the pens and a jar for the props. I have also designed and printed a sign showing the basic camera operation, shooting tips and how to change the film- which luckily is very simple. And a little chalkboard sign telling people it's the guest book and to take a snap, stick it in and leave us a message. I've designated my brother as 'camera usher' if there's any problems.

    Not sure how it's going to go- if people will get drunk and wreck it and waste the film, or if it will go well. Hoping people will behave and I'll get a great guest book to look back on!

  • Michelle91Michelle91 Posts: 244

    So I think we are going to do the DIY photobooth/guest book using a Fuji instax wide and just sell it on afterwards to make some of the money back. The films comes in packs of 10 for £15 each. Which is fairly pricey! We will have about 90 guests inc children, how many shall I cater for? Will people want to use one for the guest book and also keep a couple of photos. Don’t want to overspend when don’t want to, however also don’t want to run out.

  • How do you make your own backdrop?

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