Inspiration for bridesmaid gifts

Hey all

I am having 4 bridesmaids and really struggling with ideas for gifts for them. We are paying for their hair, make up, dresses etc so really don't have the budget to spend more than £30pp

Jewerelly is so personal and I dont really want to get them all the same piece, but struggling to fine 4 pieces I like. It dosent need to be for them to wear on the day.

Things that have crossed my mind when googling are clutch hang bag, book from the year we become friends, Christmas decoration (we get married in Dec!) and lastly a make up bag

I like the idea of the diy boxes but find that once you try and fill them it all adds up so would rather in some ways just buy them one item.

any tips greatly appreciated.




  • N7N7 Posts: 75 New bride

    Hi Michelle91,

    I was/am having the same difficulty. I've also paid for bm's dresses and hair to be done.

    So far I've got them all a pair of stud earrings to wear on the day, a dressing gown for the morning of and some personalized slippers (saying Maid of Honour, Bridesmaid etc.) I've found most of this on Etsy for a reasonable price.
    In some ways I don't feel that's enough but like you mentioned it becomes very costly. So I think I'm going to stick with what I have, maybe get some flowers to add to their accommodation as a surprise and a lovely thank you card.

    I think you could do the DIY boxes quite economically if you fill them with little bits of things they might need for the day/the day after like plasters, painkillers (for the hangover!) and a mini bottle of fizz. Just depends what you want to put in it.

    Anyway, hope that helps! x

  • My friend gave her four bridesmaid jewellery but in different colours.

    Maybe you could do something like that? Or get pendants that suit their personalities, like a treble clef for a music lover and a paw print for an animal lover?

  • MrsDee7MrsDee7 Posts: 272 New bride

    I think the Christmas decorations are a fab idea! Very different :) And every year the will remember your wedding day when decorating their tree. It ties in nicely I think - you could get something personalised, or vaguely matching your theme... x

  • MrsMannMrsMann Posts: 757 New bride

    This is a really cute idea that I found yesterday it's £15.90 and such a lovely keepsake


  • I think the Xmas decoration is a great idea... if you head to craft fairs/ xmas fairs near you they normally have xmas tree decs which you can personalise... I got this one near me last year...


    (and managed to put the wrong year pmsl but its a funny story!) These are only about £8 and lots of diff designs so worth looking at :)

    Why not do a little box, with thank you card, mini bottle of fizz, the decoration, and a lipstick for the day/ nail varnish in wedding colour/ bridesmaid slippers (seen these for around £5) or something like that... that would add up to around £30 each and isn't a load of sh** that they wont use again haha xx

  • Thanks Ladies!

    The different coloured jewellery is a nice idea but as received the exact same thing last month from my friend when I was bridesmaid at her wedding, so don't want to do the same thing when she is mine later in the year.

    I do like the box and Xmas decoration idea so will look into that!

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