Venue decoration

hi i am getting married in March 2017. 


We we are not wanting to spend a fortune and to us thats not whats important.

the venue we have booked in a village hall and we are having the ceremony and the reception there 

I wondered if anyone else had done this and if anyone had any pics of what they had, I'm just wondering if the vision my head is likely to work 

any help would be great 


  • If you're getting married in March how about jam jars with daffodils? Cheap as chips but it'd be beautiful. I got two different ribbons to tie round the jars. We used cornflowers rather than daffs due to the time of year. Added a bit of bunting and left it simple :)

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    What about Pom poms? 

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    Second the pom poms! I'm getting married in March 2017 too and although it's not a village hall, we're still trying to keep the decorations on the cheap side. We're having pom poms, fairy lights, jars of flowers and candles in the reception room. It's likely to cost around £250 all together.

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    I think jam jars with daffodils would make great centre peices on a budget :) you could use jars from sauces and jams at home or buy them and then could use hessian or ribbons to decorate using you colour scheme xx :)

  • Hi there  - we are having a small wedding in Northumberland on Saturday!!!

    We are all staying in a large house together so I am busy thinking of ways to decorate that - I have made my own bunting and got lots of pom poms to hang up and loads of fairy lights and tea lights!

    For the restaurant that we are going to, I have honeycombs to hang up and jars with fairy lights and pebbles in them for the tables - other than that just tea lights and flowers.

    Hope that helps x


  • love the flower

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