Drop top wedding guest book - alternative uses?

Looking for some inspirations ladies!! We already have our guest book organised, but an over-enthusiastic relative has bought us a drop top frame one from Hobbycraft, bless her.  We don’t want to hurt her feelings, but equally think two guest books are OTT(!), so we were trying to think of another way to incorporate it into our wedding. A game perhaps, or song requests maybe? I’d love to hear any ideas you might have!! Thanks!!


  • K1984K1984 Posts: 88

    Have you got a photo booth of some sort whereby people could print out their pictures and stick them in there with a little message? Or you could tell her you're saving it to use as a scrapbook of the day as you already had one. You might not be doing that, but it's a good way of showing you've acknowledged the gift and want to use it! 

  • I think a game might be a good way to incorporate it, or even write the guests' names on the pieces and lay out on the tables with their place names foe them to use as drink tokens (we have a cash bar, so it could be like a free drink favour) or like you say, song requests. 

    You could use it as an after the wedding suggestion box, what about date night suggestions, or baby/pet names, or marriage advice? 

    Hope you find something to use it for! 

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