Glass jars and other DIY ideas

A handy tip with a twist if planning a budget wedding.

I recently got married and had glass jars left over from the table flowers. I knew I wouldn't want to chuck them, so I decided to give the posies in them to my close neighbours. Just left them on their doorsteps the day after. It was nice because they got a sweet surprise when they opened their doors, and it meant something more as they'd been the ones helping me collect them for the months leading up to our wedding.

I used local providers wherever possible, like a local Men in Sheds Over 50s project, helped me make little wooden beach houses which my friends and I painted with people's initials for placeholders.

A local sweet shop owner was selling all her stock so I bought a massive box of chocolate fish and chips for edible wedding favours.

All our guests were sent a piece of linen bunting in the post and asked to decorate however they wished with purple, white, silver and black, the end result looked good when we decorated the venue and I've recently used some of the really intricate pieces in my wedding scrapbook.

To keep a wedding on budget it is important to know what is important, yet reasonable.


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