Advice Please :)

Hi Guys,


I have made my own invites are wrote all the relevent info into then but ive just realised i havent wrote in how people can contact us to let us know they are comming !!!!

can anyone think of anyway i could add this to the invites or should i make my own RSVP cards ??


Many Thanks


  • AureaAurea Posts: 46

    Can you put it at the back of the card? In a nice way somehow :)


  • I have made my own inserts so i could somehow put it on the left hand side but i dont want to ruin them.

  • OKCharlieOKCharlie Posts: 145 New bride

    Can you show us a picture of your invites? Hard to advise without seeing them!

  • MrsG2bxxMrsG2bxx Posts: 868

    I am also having wedding invite nightmares. I feel so upset, they all arrived before Christmas and I sat down to write them all at the weekend and realised that I didn't put our surnames....I feel like an idiot! I also hate the wording I used as I ordered them in such a panic and no one really offered me any help or their opinions...however now its too late everyone seems to have an input and telling me what I should have done! lol!

    Its too late for me now and all just had to go in the post as they are, I just hope people know who we are without our surnames :-\

    Have you got any spare ones you can practise on to see where the extra info would look best? that way you wont spoil any? or can you make RSVP cards relatively easy? xx


  • Amy131Amy131 Posts: 52

    I made my own inserts when we wanted to people know about a second party and our contact details. I just did it on word with some nice paper. website called zazzle have card inserts that you can customised with what you want. 

  • Emma624Emma624 Posts: 137

    I forgot to ask about special dietary requirements - as guests are not getting a choice with the menu unless they are vegetarian or allergic to something. Doh! I just figured if there is something someone can't eat they will let us know - can't get stressed about it now.

    It might not get ruined if you can fit on somewhere or just print out contact details seperately and put inside the same envelope as the invites? 

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