What do you think of place card holders? Do most people use them? If not, why?

Some can be so beautiful and make the table, but are they worth it? 


  • Melanie YYWMelanie YYW Posts: 92 admin

    Hi Jo, funnily enough, we wrote an article on place card holders this week - rather than place cards in holders, a lot of brides use name cards instead, here's a link to the piece, hopefully you'll feel inspired!




  • Depends if you have the money to spare. I think they look lovely but I can't justify the expense for something that just gets thrown away. 

  • Jo171Jo171 Posts: 2

    Thank you for replying! That is really interesting thank you! So a lot of it depends on budget? Do many people recycle their place card holders, is there anything else they could be used for afterwards? 

  • HailsHails Posts: 2,455

    Do you mean something to hold the bit of card with the person's name on?

  • Emma236Emma236 Posts: 215

    In the time running up to our wedding I collected a stack of champagn & prosecco corks (enlisted friends and family help with the hard task of necking fizz🍾) to use as place card holders. I just sliced the tops with a Stanley knife and then then cards slot in, worked a treat and looked really cure, didn't take long either. Xx

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