Excited over my new biscuit idea

My biscuit cutter arrived!!!   I was going to buy these but then thought i would do my own, not sure about flavour yet but im flood icing the top in pale blue then piping filigree pattern and tiny flowers on them with a layer of rose gold edible paint on top.    Its flying songbird shape . I will have two days to do around 40 roughly.  


What do you think?



  • That sounds lovely Kitty. I'd be super impressed if the favours were handmade by the bride herself! How long does it take to pipe the patterns? It might be quite a therapeutic thing to do in the days running up to your wedding.

    What biscuits keep the longest? Gingerbread could work, especially with the pale blue and rose gold? Shortbread is prone to crumbling I guess..

  • Katherine66Katherine66 Posts: 1,234

    I love gingerbread but not sure, i was thinking of a basic biscuit mix with lemon, violet, or orange flavouring.  


    The piping will take a while its done with royal icing and is fiddlely.  The flowers i could prepare a few weeks before.   Or i could filigree icing shapes on greaseproof paper then just place on. Im not an expert at all but willing to have a go!   Thanks for the short bread advice i hadnt considered thatxxxx

  • Katherine66Katherine66 Posts: 1,234


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