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Recipe help needed- French buffet in France

Hello all. 

I am planning my wedding in the south of France this summer. It's going to be a three night party with all 60 guests on site. We are offering all dinners and drinks for the three nights and I'd love some help with French food catering ideas as we would prefer to make everything, or art least most of it, ourselves.  

The main night needs to be good food (ideally cold buffet style for a suit down meal) and I have a handful of competent cooks to help. The other two dinners can be less formal (warm casseroles or similar maybe, or BBQ/salads etc). We will be there a few days in advance so can do lots of prep. 

We'd like to keep the food quite simple to make for large numbers of hungry guests but special where we can. Budget is not much of an issue. We have three use of three good kitchens. 

We knows the area very well and can access some great quality food at markets, farms, and the better supermarkets (go to a Grand Frais next time you're shopping for food in France!).

Thank you in advance!



  • Katherine66Katherine66 Posts: 1,234

    I have a fav simple salad french recipe.  Layered toms with vinegar, garlic and lemon juice, and oil if you like, it was given me by our french friends. 

    Just slice large toms and pile dressing on each layer , leave to marinade overnight its lush in summer And so simple to do.  

  • britbirdbritbird Posts: 1,486 New bride

    Depending on which area of the South you are in, you could go for traditional local dishes.  Cassoulet is reasonably easy to do.  Aligot is a-mazing.  What about a fondue evening?  Other ideas possibly could be :


    Some kind of slow cooked confit duck?



    I tend to use recipes from French sites so not got them to hand

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