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Here is one for you creative people. 

We are having afternoon tea for our wedding breakfast and when we met with our caterers initially to taste their wares.  They had little flags on each of the sandwich varieties so you could see what you are eating.  The only draw back was and this is all based on my OCD lol, they had hand written on these flags and they just looked awful.  I have neatish handwriting but not nice enough for what I would like to see.  I have put a call out for a calligrapher at work but I haven't had any offers.  I also thought about and brought some clear sticky labels so I could print on them and stick them to said flags.  They also looked horrible, they ended up looking like something from a transport cafe that you could wipe off with a cloth lol.

These are an idea of what the flags look like.*&spd=6672488660386787675

So do any of you have any ideas on how I can still have these flags but have them with nice writing on them, whether that be printed or anything really.  Get your creative thinking caps on!!

Any suggestions would be great.



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