Where to buy books for centrepieces


we are hoping to do a selection of our favourite books as centrepieces- where's best to get them from, I know charity shops/eBay maybe our best bet, as obviously i don't want to spend a fortune on them. But has anyone got any other ideas?


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    I bought 30 used books from another bride on a local selling page but I've also picked some up cheaply at local markets (Tynemouth in particular) although I've just been getting hardback books in particular colours rather than specific stories. X

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    Car boot sales are your best bet, cheap as anything and no postage!

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    We have been buying our books from Abebooks. We have also visited Hay on Wye a few times. eBay and amazon are ok, but not much has come up recently. 

    We are still searching for our books. We have half of the titles we want. 

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    If you want specific titles, online. Otherwise go to car boot sales etc and see what you find?

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    We're having books as our centre pieces and ended up getting a job lot of books in our colour scheme from ebay. Worked out miles cheaper than buying them individually.

    Nobody will be reading the books on the day so if it is specific titles you are after you could always redo the covers as though they are the book of your choice. There's youtube videos showing how to do it. 

    I hope this helps.

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