Tiger- fairy lights, lanterns, glass jars

Rach371Rach371 Posts: 1,120 New bride

There are loads of lovely fairy lights, lanterns and glass table decorations in Tiger (I think it's called flying tiger in some places) 

Prices started at £1! I was in town today and thought I'd share 


  • The New Mrs WThe New Mrs W Posts: 185

    To add to this, I came across a shop called HEMA that I'd never heard of before and it's quite similar to Tiger. I got a load of pillar candles quite cheaply there

  • Monica12Monica12 Posts: 3

    When it came to picking jars, we decided on plastic products by http://allinpackaging.co.uk . High quality products at reasonable prices. Btw, I have many plastic products by this provider.

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