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Wedding Cake Decorations - Succulents...poisonous?!


I've just met with my cake baker (she's a colleague from work who has recently started baking and decorating wedding cakes) and we were using the photo below as inspiration.  She has a florist which she uses frequently to source flowers from to decorate cakes.  They sourced and prepared succulents and another type of flower bud and greenery for us however when she was assembling the cake (as a practice) her husband said that he thought that the plants looked poisonous!!  We did some google-ing and the flower buds are poisonous - bad florist!! However we can't find a huge amount of information on succulents or eucalyptus leaf?  There are lots of images on pinterest of these decorating cakes but very little showing how to use them safely!!

They looked so beautiful - I don't really want to go down the sugar craft route as they don't look overly realistic.  Has anyone sourced succulents to decorate their wedding cake?  Any tips or guidance would be gratefully received!!!


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