Paper games for table

Ok, so bear with me here because ive had a total mind blank. I have been thinking of things i can put on the tables to keep people (mainly my nieces) entertained and remembered back at primary school we used to make this thing out of paper (the name has escaped me so im just going to have to describe it and hope someone is more switched on than i am). It was a diamond sort of shape on top and you put your thumb and first fingers underneath, then ask someone to pick a number or letter, and pull and push in and out that many times. Then you did it again and it had funny questions and answers which you lifted. 

I think that description is awful but its the best way i can describe it. Does anyone remember what we used to call it? 

And if anyone is wise enough to actually decode what im talking about, do you have any ideas for questions that we could put on them. Preferably wedding related for the adults, maybe questions about us, and some fun ones for the kids. 

We are doing it abroad so would probably mock them up on some decent foldable paper before we went then leave them to be constructed on the day. 


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