Dripping candles for wine bottles


We have decided on having empty wine bottles with candles in for our table centerpieces, however i am strugglng to find long candles that drip.....does anyone have idea where i can get these from?

As i dont think it will have the same effect as non-drip candles




  • It is difficult to get dripping candles but you can drip the wax yourself by hand until the bottles look right.

  • sally108sally108 Posts: 2

    Thank You....i was afraid this would be the answer....was hoping for a less manual solution hahaha

  • It's quite fun actually and gives you a better look.  Me and a workmate had to do it at a restaurant we worked in.

  • Plus, you don't want naked bottle at the start of the night, then a bloody mess at the end.  Event dressers would drop the wax before, not during.  

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