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Hi All

I am quiet a crafty person and do like the idea of making my own wedding invitations. I have had a play around with a few ideas and to be honest am not finding it as enjoyable as I thought I would. We are only having a small intimate wedding and wont need more than 20 in total. I am looking at:

- Full day invitations 

- Information cards

- RSVP card

- Menus

- Order of service 

- Place cards

I have had a look on vista print and it works out to between £60-£80. 

My question is do you think it would save me much by doing them myself? Also can anyone recommend and programs to design them? I'm looking for something quiet simple and elegant nothing to over the top with bows or ribbon.

Thanks in advance



  • Hey!

    Have you tried It's £19 for 25 invitations, waaaayyyy cheaper than Vistaprint and also on better quality paper!

    I did my friend's orders of service from there this summer and the quality was fantastic, I'm going to be using them for my wedding stationery when the time comes around (which is scarily soon!). They do all menus etc that you're going to need, too.

    Hope that helps :) 

  • @CSweddingplanning seeing as the post is from 2017 I don't think they need them anymore... 
  • MrsCToBeeMrsCToBee Posts: 2,949 New bride
    Use Canva, that's easy to design on.
    You don't need all those fiddly little individual cards though, we just did 1 double sided card for our invitations, with a wedding website with any hotel info etc. on. that makes it much easier and cheaper. almost everyone RSVPd by email so I wouldn't bother at all with RSVP cards (unless of course you desperately want all that stuff).
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