Making own bouquet

To save a little money on the budget I'm wanting to make my own bouquet with silk flowers. Anyone got recommendations as to where to buy them from? I want to kee it as cheap as possible. But a lot of wholesalers have a minimum order which is of a lot more than I need. 

Ice already looks on country baskets, Amazon,eBay and a few local shops. 

I'm wanting quite a wild bouquet, rather than a small round one. 


  • Hi Melanie75. I've spent a lot of time reseraching artificial silk flowers and making my own bouquets and centrepieces etc.. I'm at work at the moment so don't have any pictures to hand but you can look at the last page of my planning thread as I've wrote about the making of them there with lots if images.

    I got my centrepiece flowers from The Range and my bouquet/ buttonhole flowers from country baskets (I'd really reccommend going to the shop vs online as they tend to have a much larger selection)

    I've definitely not done this the cheapest route and I've a whole bedroom full to the brim with artificial flowers but I'm really pleased with how they've turned out and I've been able to finetune exactly what I wanted. I've got A LOT of quality flowers which I could possibly sell afterwards to make some of my money back.

    Any questions, just ask!

  • Following this thread as I am looking to make my flowers and looking at silk too 

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    I've posted about this quite a bit so if you search my old posts you can probably find photos. The best online supplier for flowers I used was, and I also got some good greenery from (although I didn't like their flowers as much).

  • I've just done my own ready for my wedding, I just got photo ideas then looked in the range dunelm and home bargains for my flowers xx


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    I bought my flowers from country baskets and they were fab and a very reasonable price

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    Visit your local farmer’s market, and make sure you choose one that has a decent selection of flowers,  choose 2-3 that have a wide variety of buds.Remove any leaves or dead buds from the bottom half of the stems, and separate them by type.Hold the stems tightly together as you build your DIY bridal bouquet.When your base has been created, start adding the smaller buds around it, filling in the gaps as you go.

    When you’re happy with the overall shape and design, add in your fillers. They may go on the outside or inside of your bouquet, depending on your personal preference.
    Once you’re happy with the design, wrap the floral tape around the stems, starting about 2 inches down from the buds. Wrap the tape tightly, overlapping slightly as you make your way to the bottom. When the tape is secure, cut the excess stems with your scissors.Take the ribbon or burlap and wrap it tightly around your floral tape, covering it completely.It wildflower wedding bouquet cost me $25 and took roughly 2 hours to complete.

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