DIY cake table?

Hi everyone! First post here.. 


We've got our venue booked and all of the major items ticked off the list bar a colour scheme, but all I can seem to think of is cake (totally blaming slimming world!) 

I'd reallllllyyy like a dessert table at our reception with a small cake, brownies, shortcake, macaroons and pretty much everything with more than your daily sugar allowance but they're not exactly the cheapest option. Have any of you made your own cake table? I'm seriously thinking of just going to asda a few days before the wedding and buying a ton of cakes and hopefully having the venue staff or even bridesmaids set it up on the day.

Obviously there's a huge industry built  up around having beautiful intricate wedding cakes but I'm genuinely not bothered about having an artisan inspired cake and would rather have some of everything, so was hoping for some opinions or experiences if anyone else has attempted this instead? 

Thanks :) 


  • wed172Bwed172B Posts: 1,258

    We did our own with a mixture of store bought and home made by my MIL, everything was brought to the venue to day before, sliced up where needed and then our wedding co-ordinator but it out on the night during the room turn around. It was pretty simple as i wasnt too picky about where things went etc but i thought it looked good :)

  • CFWCFW Posts: 234

    We are planning a themed cake/dessert table in the evening too but we're still having a cake (albeit a small one, which will be served with evening buffet). We've agreed a set price of £50 with a local bakery to my choices (donuts, pies, cupcakes) which actually comes to quite a lot of stuff and we will be making some ourselves that can be done in advance like popcorn, etc so overall we aren't spending much more than £75 on it. 

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